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Episode #8 The Doctor.....An Interview with Dr. Izabella Kogan #tntweekly#doctor#millpondmedical#god

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Welcome to TNT weekly what's up new tech? Really, really happy today, episode eight. I'm blessed to have the time of a medical pillar in our community. The well known the well respected doctor Isabella Cogan, Dr. Cogan How you doing?

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I'm Wonderful, thank you, Tony. It's so nice to see you today.

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Yeah, thank you. And then again, thank you so much for giving me your time. I know this is going to be A great, great podcast. For the listeners, I know you well, I love you very much, your dear friend, I'm blessed to know you. But for our listeners that don't know you and and and maybe patients that don't know you as well. Would you please you know sort of give us a little bit of background of yourself and what brought you to Allison.

Dr. Kogan 1:24

I came to Edison in 2004. I was a young physician, graduated from medical school in Russia. And I had my PhD done in Russia and I worked as a assistant professor in the in the hospital. In the afterwards I got married and my husband immigrated to Canada and I came to join him. I did my licensing, exams and repeated my Training and I came to understand since it was the closest and the service area, and as a foreign grad, I had to work in the service area. And I saw my brother on the way five years after, but I fell in love with the community with my patients. It's my life and I'm here for as long as I'm alive.

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Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Another area that I'm intrigued with you Dr. Cogan and again that's our relationship and and I know that you're very passionate about meditation. And I know that from time to time during the year you you get away and and I love the analysis of you know, no phone, no screen, no TV, and you find that very comforting and sort of you you've called it a rebooting. Could you please sort of let our listeners know a little bit know more about this. area of self booting that you call it on on meditations quite interesting.

Dr. Kogan 3:06

So meditation is a way to clear your mind clear your mind from anxiety, fear, anger, all the emotions which we encounter on everyday basis in sometimes those emotions get stuck in our body and give back pain, shoulder pain, chest pain, all sorts of discomforts. Meditation is a traditional Buddhist technique, which helps starts with focusing on breathing. And then body scanning meditation in the water does, it works like reboot your computer, your mind, get cleaned from all the program programs you don't need. Like computer good screens of all the viruses. I think I wouldn't be life if I didn't meet my meditation teacher, Vipassana teacher, Virginia Hamilton. It was pretty amazing that I was driving by untidy Vipassana center on road 56. And my car, went to the beach in front of the sign on top of your personal center. And I asked for the phone, and the teacher told me your car knows where to go, you should come in I believe in science like this, and I did go home. And it's 10 day course where complete silence is promoted. No exposure to the outside world. No books, no phones. You pretty much sir. Observe observing your thoughts, your emotions in When you observe they evaporate and they don't bother you anymore yeah so that's that's amazing technique which saved my life

Antonio Leal 5:11

beautiful obviously the news all bad out there It seems to be we know the position we're in now surrounding health in this pandemic and it came upon us so quickly at the beginning you know the news that we had God I you know, I I think I thought like everybody well, it'll come in it'll go away that type of idea but it's not we're into four months now. economic turmoil, all the symptoms that are out there it's it's it's a difficult and a new time for everyone. as a as a medical doctor, can us give us your feedback on your experience as COVID came into our community, how you looked at it

Dr. Kogan 6:00

You know, four months later, what you know. Initially I was scared it like everyone else. But now four months later, only two out of my 1500 patients got sick. And they both recovered beautifully. And so hundreds of my patients got tested and the old test came back negative except those two patients. Like To me it's a higher risk to get hit by the car than to get COVID at this moment in our community. We were very fortunate at newtek concert in Simcoe County. Not too many cases. Going home right now and those people who would seek the 95 98% of them recover. I'm seeing being still being careful. patients get masked I get masks. I get masculine I go to grocery store. But otherwise, life goes on and we need to continue with our daily life result fear we need to move on.

Antonio Leal 7:16

Are you confident I'm confident in our race and, and background to expedite a vaccine? Do you feel that over time a vaccine will will will play a part and this will be something like a flu?

Dr. Kogan 7:31

I mean, I hope it turns into that. I hope so. But it becomes such a political issue. I don't I don't want to go deep into politics. Which company which country makes better once again, I will just stay away from this and we'll just we'll wait for for public health to give us directions. I'm sorry.

Antonio Leal 7:55

I was good. No, no, no, I understand

in real time, To COVID and and and you know battling COVID as as a healthy human being and trying to be the best that you can how big a part does nutrition, taking care of yourself vitamin supplementation all these areas to build up your immune system to be the best that you can be Do you feel that this is something that that you'd like to promote and feel that is there's such a great correlation between strengthen immune system and, and fighting off COVID and being the best I mean, yes, anybody can get it and anybody can get very ill. But do you feel that nutrition and, and everything plays an important part?

Dr. Kogan 8:47

No, absolutely Tony like refined foods. So like white sugar, white bread, junk food. They all are toxic for our body. They all make the body at sea. Could they come just the lever lever is generally very grateful organ it makes around 3000 detoxifying reactions today. But if you clog your liver with red meat, trans fats, if you eat refined sugars like white bread, then eventually body is so busy trying to detox all that stuff that it doesn't fight the viruses and bacteria as well. So, if a person diet consists of 60 to 80% of food and vegetables, the immune system is usually fantastic and they don't even notice their virus or bacteria they encounter.

Antonio Leal 9:51

Do you do in that perspective, do you feel that a vegan diet is something that will that is something thing that you promote or or would like to suggest in the normal diet and you brought up something earlier before our our taping here that standing out to me that in the animal kingdom Kingdom the strength of giant of giant gorillas and elephants. They're not meat eaters. I never looked at it that way and it's just fascinating me and said yes, I know that gorillas are their monsters and the bananas and plants and things and I never thought of of that. So it's very interesting. I could you say something.

Dr. Kogan 10:39

When you're brought up as meat and potato children and teenagers, we simply didn't know how detrimental meat could be for our house, especially processed meat. It's acidifies the blood it's It's because the debt weapon, and obviously, there are so many alternatives to meet, like red meat, like lentils, nuts. You can make beautiful homos out of your cheek be out of your tissue, it's very easy to do a whey protein, so many things to provide your body with enough protein you don't need to you like, fry your steak every week on the grill. So, there are many other alternatives, which will be cleaner, and the vitriol will make you happy and

Antonio Leal 11:43


In regards to COVID I know that you're very passionate about this and concerned and as the isolation happened and the shutdown happened and people were, you know, isolated in there. Homes, you know, people with underlying health issues where we're not maintaining their, their, you know, assessment or their visits to their doctors. And I know that you were really concerned about this and you brought out an article with simco news on you know, ensuring that, that people know that their doctors are ready to be seen and to continue to watch over underlying health issues. Could you tell us a bit more about your concerns in that area?

Dr. Kogan 12:32

It's not only myself, many doctors in our community are concerned about Dr. Georgia dermatologist. She was worried that people with melanoma see that sit at home and don't look for attention. I've seen people with breast cancer watch abscess, people who really needed to be seen but they will postpone you can postpone in clinical scale for fear of with wireless cardiologist you're awarded the high percentage of people appeared with a presentation of heart attack. And unfortunately in this situation time is near cardio muscle. If you don't treat it in time and properly you lose high percentage of your heart muscle. What I'm trying to say here that just get masked social distance but still common see your physician if you have health concerns because that could be the cancer or carotid disease, the main main killers in the community multicoated.

Antonio Leal 13:54

So, you know, I realized early on in the millpond, in the building that and every Everybody did for meetings and assessments that the zoom in the virtual world was taking over. As far as a replacement and you know, I can see that you know, for a phone, virtual consultation, prescription renewal, things like that, etc. But I'm sensing from you that not everything can be done virtually right.

Dr. Kogan 14:23

I agree with you, Tony, a lot of time if it's a follow up for test results or follow up with, you know, already the patient if you seen the patient before, that. Sometimes visit can be done virtually. But if it's initial presentation of some condition, I would prefer to see patients in person. Let's say patient says, I'm dizzy. Maybe I have something wrong with my ear. But when patient comes, the blood pressure is 220 Over 100 so obviously there is some other reason for dizziness or patient comes simply as symptomatic patients has no complaints. But when I listen to the language I notice large Milla mom on the back. So I still want to see my patients for at least the initial concern I would like to see them in person

Antonio Leal 15:28

and also knowing you very well I know that you're extremely passionate about our seniors in our community and outside of your family practice, your your you're at the hospice quite often. Just something that I know that you're close about and maybe a lot of your patients are not aware of all these extra loves that you have outside of your family practice. Could you please let our listeners Know About your your love of our seniors community.

Dr. Kogan 16:04

I think senior care is in my blood. When I was teenager, 1213 years old in Russia. I was going from for the school for the school program, I was going from apartment to apartment and bringing seniors groceries and cleaning the apartment and I was writing greeting cards for every holiday for those people. And pretty much I keep doing the same thing goes I go from house to house I if people are unable to come to my office, then I come to them just to make sure that they have proper nutrition that they looked after trying to bring resources through homemaker or volunteer organization which people need Amazing house is amazing, amazing organization in our community. They have about 200 volunteers who look after people in need. And for us it's a privilege to be with a patient who is transitioning to higher plan. Sometimes I just hold their hand and pray. And in May to house we don't make things faster or slower. We simply go is modern nature in simply making sure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. And his family can can simply be there for them hold their hand rather than making decisions for their use this drug should they give their drug Should I feed them or what should I feed them? So leave it up to professionals and we can look after your loved one and you can be just spouse or daughter and Son and just make this process as easy as possible for everyone.

Antonio Leal 18:08

Yes. And as it just reminds me of a the the well respected philanthropist in our community that was the driving force behind Matthews hospice, Mr. Marvin Chandler, and I'll never forget his comments in words that to some extent, dying is beautiful as well. It's painful. It is but the process of dying and our life cycle is going to Matthew's house. It's on it's accepted. It's not. It's not something scary or anything. It's just trying to make that processes as comfortable as possible, right.

Dr. Kogan 18:49

Why I agree with you. We don't know why. Something happened to this person. Why God put this person from four through This challenge or this disease, we don't know who we are to judge. So who we are to say this is bad or this is terrible, like we don't know, the circumstances. So we just accept and we just make transition as easy as possible for everyone.

Antonio Leal 19:19

Another area of care that pre COVID I knew was a big issue more particularly in the seniors, community and retirement, you know, mental health, our mental health as a whole. Now with COVID and all the challenges that COVID has brought to an extreme demographic cross section of age group, mental health now is an alarming issue that should be dealt with when when you are confronted with this and now more so probably with COVID. What are your advices for the Those that are suffering mentally.

Dr. Kogan 20:02

I start from the basics. I usually ask the patient what's your breakfast? What's your lunch? What's your supper, and a lot of time people say, Oh, it's a coffee and sandwich and it could be three, four coffee a day. And the brain loves hydration. If the brain is dehydrated, then anxiety comes and fear comes. I usually tell my patients please stop coffee because every cup of coffee requires 10 cups of water to hydrate you. Get good water maybe from from the spring, like I personally use water from elmvale spring, two liters a day. Like your guy for example, they walk around this bottle of water and receive water every 15 minutes. Hydration is the first thing to fight your mental health illness. The second thing your nutrition like brain loves vitamin B, which comes from food, your mango, your banana up here, obviously, peel everything you can peel but still give your brain good nutrition and sleep. Sometimes people sleep for three, four hours a day and night, the brain race from 10pm to 1am in the morning, if you miss this interval, you are your brain never rest rested. So it's very important to go to bed around 1011 o'clock and if it's hard to fall asleep, there are a lot of supplements which can help. valerian root magnesium ashwagandha Newport pharmacy they have that beautiful blend called the ancestors. So many things which can help to relax and sleep well. So first I suggest to fix hydration, nutrition and sleep. And afterwards we can talk about other aspects of mental health illness if medication is needed to be prescribed. But we usually start with basics.

Antonio Leal 22:19

That's interesting Dr. Cogan and going back to COVID. And nutrition and being the best you can be through diet and exercise, etc. Here we are with a topic of mental health. And again, nutrition is brought up to first trigger and start the recovery of whatever. Whether it's anxiety or depression. It's amazing how you're referring. Again, back to simple steps of nutrition, hydration, good sleep, etc. Start there. Mm. Right. Wonderful, wonderful. Well, we're coming to the end of the podcast. Dr. Kogan and in meeting you and my journey in Dallas Austin.

You know, I find that you know, our community is so lucky to have have you immerse yourself in and your passion for the community to recruit and drive and bring in so many wonderful services into this community. And my journey with you in the millpond, is is evidence of that, where you have this vision some time ago in our community, and now we have this wonderful facility in the downtown core of Allison Ontario. Our hospital is beautiful with its services. We're blessed in that area. But the fact that you know, you were able to see this vision and bring it together with your peers of a bringing sort of a one stop shop to the downtown of Alison, do you feel that our community Energy now is so much better served and has reached its capacity and, and keeping you satisfied because I know that you are passionate about this and you want it to make our community better.

Dr. Kogan 24:12

Oh, thank you, Tony, you will be a huge part of Newport project. If it wasn't for you, it won't be here. So thank you for everything you've done. For community. Definitely in comparison to 2004 the situation has much much improved. I remember those miserable times when I had to walk in the ER and do like a 12 hour er shift and then go to medical floor and see the patients and sometimes I had to airlift critically sick patients from balls from emergent from medical floor in one day. In next day. I should I had to go to my office and see patients there. And then They sought like this is no it's not life. It's impossible like it's it's not acceptable no one should go through this and I dedicated a lot of time to recruitment to working with medical students and residents and things got being so much better now. And we have 12 physicians just at Mill Pond. There are other physicians in town. And it's millpond Medical Center also brought specialists to the community brought beautiful services like physiomesh complete see pop, our speech therapist, addiction, addiction services of north of New York Region, and many other services I available for less than now, which wasn't the case just 1015 years ago. And I feel that was God help this happen. It just meant To be and I'm very grateful to you and my partners and our patients to everyone who made this dream come true. It's wonderful.

Antonio Leal 26:11

It's wonderful. Well, it's been a really really interesting podcast with you Dr. Cogan. I very rarely call my good friend and dear friend Dr. Cogan I, I call her

Oh, would you like me and ask that? Yes.

Yes, I love that story.

Yeah, well let me show on this one. And I'm glad Bella pointed this out to me. And this is something that came from me. I've always, you know, as the internet and access to YouTube and all the information. You know, have you ever received any funny stories in regards to a patient that has been a Google doctor or YouTube Dr where they come in and they know the answers to their, to their problem and are advising you or whatever.

Dr. Kogan 27:07

Yeah, I could the funny story then gentleman came in. He thought I have gangrene. My toes are black. I go with it must be. I'm getting gangrene of my feet. And I looked at him he has no socks. He has black shoes. I took alcohol swab and I clean his toe and instead of black and became white and he I asked him how do you feel now? He told it's embarrassing. So I usually don't have problem. There's my patients, they come and ask I google this and that what do you think and I usually say okay, this is legit concern with get a check, or I reassure them and tell No, no, this is not if she'll and I'm trying to reassure them the best they can. It's the same thing like if I try to change reel of my car or try to deal with my car like I can google it as much as I want and I still won't be able to do it I will bring my car to body shop and most people like honestly just want your opinion they want to discuss the consumer.

Antonio Leal 28:24

Yeah, that's but that's a cute story. It's a it's a good thing they didn't if it wasn't a doctor who, in the old primitive times where gangrene would have been just a cut off of a toe isn't it or whatever they would have done something crazy like that. Well, this has been so much fun. Thank you for your time. I'd love to end the show and I and I want the listeners to repeat after Dr. Cogan but we had a blessing of our building a year and a bit and go and Dr. Cogan ended the blessing with these words and she wanted us to repeat them and work To do this right now and in the podcast and, and repeat them with us, you're just going to have a better day.

Dr. Kogan 29:07

May I be happy? May I be happy? May I be safe? May I be safe? May I be loved? May I be loved? May everyone be happy. May everyone be happy. May everyone be safe. May everyone be safe. May everyone be left. May everyone

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