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Episode # 3 The Georgia Drifter #driving #stories #immune system #memories #tntweekly

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

What's up new tech beautiful Saturday morning may 23 Episode Three TNT weekly. Check out my website at TNT weekly comm all my social media feeds, join my email list. And please send me your comments if any, as I try to bring this podcast out to the community and beyond news in the podcast world with Joe Rogan nailing a huge licensing deal with Spotify exclusive to Spotify for reportedly 100 million big ones. So good for you, Joe.

If you haven't yet check out Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan experience podcast you'll really enjoy the show. Super super informative, check it out, as he's been mentioning quite a bit during this COVID situation and I back it up 100% want to share with you is, you know, why isn't anybody talking about our health? Why isn't anyone talking about nutrition? Why isn't anyone talking about building up our immune system and ensuring that we can be the best that we can be the valid point all the news out there is you know, spikes, distancing measures and guidelines to protect yourself out there but no one is talking about your immune system, which I think you know, would probably be the best line of defense against this virus and it's something that he brings up quite a bit check in with check out his podcast and and look into it. vitamin supplements. Vitamin D, vitamin E eating nutritiously good sleep and building up your immune system to take on this invisible enemy. You know, I think as a community if we can, we can bind that together and I'll be as healthy as possible. I mean, what better way to take on this virus and entering back into some normal pattern of the way we used to live? pre cobit. We're not going to get anywhere without tracing right now we need testing, tracing. I know in Ottawa I just saw recently that the Ottawa local health authorities are looking at an app for contact tracing etc. As I said in my earlier podcasts, testing is vital vaccine is not going to happen in a while and testing and tracking and it has to be done, you know, swiftly and efficiently if we want to get out to a pre COVID feel like we used to have, you know, being entertained and going out in public. Alright, so on top of nutrition and building up immune system, which nobody's talking about. The Ministry of Health isn't talking about this our towns aren't talking about this. Really I think we're missing something big in that area you know on top of testing and tracking as we need to do. Listen, just best line of defense we can have is our own health. Nice to see new tech with a little bit more action out there a few more vehicles a little bit more more populous walking around as some of the retail sectors have been opened up in phase one. It's odd. You know, at the same time and just want to as we all are doing or heading out to the store or you know, Canadian Tire, any outfit, Home Hardware, the process of waiting to get in with limitations on connector, the store etc. still kind of weird, but it is great to get back out and do some shopping and pre COVID style. Great to see how the town's opening up, and I hope it continues. We do see some spikes out there happening over the last three or four days so concerning we know that second wave is coming So I hope that we're prepared for that second wave. It's it's happening, no doubt, and we got to get ready for it. So as I said earlier on, take care of yourselves and we'll battle this thing. This year's potato festival being canceled really sucks. And I know that's really going to hurt the Lions Club for my understanding, it's a really, really big revenue generator for them, the beer gardens, you know, the musical talent they have coming in, celebrating a few nights out there and you make some great revenue out of there. Maybe there's something we can do later on in the summer, maybe the town can think of something, you know, you know, as we get immersed into stage one, stage two of this COVID closing up the streets, you know, putting a putting a band on each end of the street, opening that up with a with a beer garden. And, you know, I think people can maintain some sort of level of social distancing, but have some celebration anywhere out there that that they can try to recoup some of this missed revenue that know will happen with the cancellation of the potato fest. So throw out some ideas you never know if we can, we can put something like that together, it'd be great if the community could have some sort of celebration towards the end of the summer, which usually is the potato festival and celebrate waiting for my digital recorders should come in on Monday and future shows I really want to focus on our front liners and some interviews locally, with part of the business community and see if I can get their, you know, their their take what's been happening, they'll have more insight on to some of the struggles that that most are having during this time. So I want that that to be shared out there. really miss our socializing. I have some great friends out here in this community and love getting together and I miss that quite a bit. I'm certain we all do. This town has been just amazing. Since the day we got here, I mean just some wonderful people and well received and love this time. immensely and I miss everybody in it. So it's I'm certain everybody's feeling the same way. But I can't wait to get back to socializing and being able to see people and freely talk to them. I mean, give them a hug,a handshake, I hope we can do that, again, really, really miss it.

So looking forward to stages two and three and opening up and getting to see some of the good friends we have and sharing some good times. And speaking of good friends, I want to give a shout out to the riverside gang, Ottawa, Ontario. That a history on my past many, many years ago, quite a quite a group of buddies in in Riverside Park growing up, we're all in our 60s now, but some very fun memories and we have a really great bond. In our group. It's, it's unconditional. Thank goodness we're all still above the ground. But we have an annual golf reunion that we've put together the last three years being held in Ghana, Norway at the Glen house resort Golf over at smuggler's Glen, just a great outing. It just feels like we never missed a heartbeat after not seeing each other for 30 or 35 years. So our first reunion three years ago was was such a compliment to the memories we created together and sharing them. So what a way to get back into your childhood, early teen years and celebrate the good times. We had a lot of great stories. With our group, we really feel fortunate that we get together so it's really going to be missed this year. But hopefully we can get a fall classic and play with our bunch and get together and reignite the stories of the past. You know, hopefully, as the podcast gets, gets out there, I'd love to have some interviews of our past because we have some crazy stories in our young days. It's just just amazing what we did as as young adults and getting through our adolescence. It's some of the stories are just insane. We could just talk about these stories all day. They along so some I'll never talk about but others, they have to be shared. So a big shout out to the riverside gang in Ottawa, Ontario and our golf group that will be dearly missed summer. I think we had it scheduled for the second week of June this year, and we've canceled that but you know, we might get together and involved. So I want to give a shout out to all the invitees. Steve Arbuckle, Wayne Davis, Al Scott, Jonny Stevens, Neil Dunster, Steve Turner, George Veta von couture, Doug Corrigan, Brian Webster, Brian Gao, Jeff ballcock, Mark Campbell, Brian male, john Chatterton, Don Rowan, Mike Kiko Dan Co. LL. l. McDonald, who I haven't seen yet. He was in last year and then out and can't make it this year as well. Steve go on and myself. That's the group so pretty big group three years ago, we started with 12, which was More of I'd like to say the riverside bonded group we did have an initial sort of core of boys great memories with all of them great memories with all of them can almost have a show about each one really divulging a bit about our past but it would be it would be great just to talk about it. And I'll go through that core. You know, Stevie Arbuckle. What I remember with Stevie is our trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when we were really young 1819 crazy on a budget. And that was quite a trip. So RB is his alias Wayne Davis. Well, Waner Davis say what can you say about Wayne? Wayne when he gets into his party mode has to be the biggest joy of fun in his mannerisms after I think two beers Wayne will get into his comic remember Wayne and the young days I mean, he had a hockey career. That guy was so fast on the skates and Gloucester Ranger time, you know, he had Moments of fame in my opinion, always a top elite hockey player. And we had some great teams that we put together in our in our house league days, juvenile League, etc. and Wayne was always a top notch, top notch hockey player. Ow. Scott, what can I say about when I when I think about Al's a big teddy bear, big teddy bear, but what stands out the most is he was a fucking animal on the ice. So a solid defenseman murder you out there. It was just, I was a goalie. I always enjoyed having Allen in front of me because he wouldn't let anybody touch me but to take off the equipment, having a couple of beers just a little teddy bear. Johnny Stephens giggly. Well, that was the nickname for Johnny giggly. Johnny. It's tough to get two words out of Johnny three words. You know, we're sitting around many, many stories together and Johnny just had the characteristic of really not saying much he was more of a listener, but every once in a while Johnny would say two or three words and have us rolling on on the floor is he was that type of guy. So that's my thoughts on on Mr. Johnny Neil Benny Dunster, what can you say about Neil Danny Dunster in his younger days ran like the wind and skated like the wind was a bundle of joy and in the party mode so Neil Danny monster beer cap King, I'll call him and he was a joy and still as a joy Georgie betta bone core. Well, Georgie was always a statesman back in the younger day, very polished and statesmen like George continues that persona today. My man duggie Corrigan alias the chemist just always has a way of being the bartender does that extremely well. All his Martini concoctions, you know, Margarita machine mixers. He brings the whole kit caboodle. duggie. Always great to have in the mix as far as ensuring we have bartending service, Brian Webby, Webster. Well, the Webster you No I remember the Webster as being just this handsome dude. Just sort of a beach boy. Handsome guy never had a problem with the ladies Mr Webby never had a problem jeffie mo Kok palmateer What can I tell you about Jeff Jeff, he and I, we traveled together almost on a weekend basis. Remember Jeff with his Firebird, I had a souped up van and we simply went on the road. Every weekend What a life of just went on the road. Every weekend we traveled down to Chicago, we'd go down to Syracuse, we traveled a bay we would just get up on a Saturday morning or late Friday night and hit the road and you know, see what journey we could take and we just have a blast. We have so many great great memories from from back in the day. Hopefully we can share them. Hopefully we can share them without getting into any trouble. Wonderful time. Marquis Campbell crazy motherfucker. Holy shit market member With the EMG and that crazy dirt bike Thank you got your license before I did but well, I remember those days Mark and I when I had my 76 Camaro we decided one March day that just was during March Break to drive down to Florida and a six pack 76 Camaro all the way down to Florida no bookings or anything just went well that was a trip. Like No Other craziness craziness. How are great memories with Marco Brian squirrel mail Barney as I call them crazy man Barney, you know we had the match and van wagons have the soup of Dodge van and Brian had his Ford van Oya. The memories that stand out to me with Brian are the trips down to Florida, and one in particular where we couldn't line up going down together. But when I was driving down, he was driving back and you know, we didn't have cell phones in the day. We did have walkie or walkie talkies, and we have To find each other, we knew that we knew the times that we were leaving, and driving down. We picked each other up on the walkie talkies somehow coordinated seeing each other driving by on the interstate. It was wild like fact that that actually happened. The odds of that happening were just just beyond it was really really some so I remember that and then partying by the watermelon truck, a party that stands out to me and, and then finally, Mr. Steve Gordy go on. Wow, Mr. Toyota Corolla, Flintstone mobile, no floor, in this Toyota Corolla. That's what I remember Steve with, you know, our many evenings at Ralph's pub at Bank and Heron. We just had a panic in there and many, many more memories. I just remember nights when Steve was studying, studying and I believe he was renting up at a top floor house. I don't know where That was I think it was somewhere in that belief but Barney and I would always find a way to disrupt a studying and kidnap in our bands and take them out for long hours and he'd be you know, he had an exam the next day or testing and Barney and I with with no worry or concern would get them into the van.

You know Steve thinking that you know, he was just coming in for a visit and chatting while we do kidnap them taking him to the bar. It was a fun time so we get to share those memories all of us together. 4050 years later, we still talk about them when we get together. So you know that type of friendship is pretty unique fact that we can still all share those memories and no one can take those memories away from us. And in ending the show with a memory that just came to mind after sharing my friends from Riverside Park and the riverside game is is a story with Marco Campbell when we drove down to Florida it just came to mind and mentioning my friends but man we I think we could have movies. have many of the events in our lives back then should put it into a Hollywood format I know do well but this is a story I want to share and it's friggin wild. So here we are in the 76 Camaro driving down to Florida cash as little as we had bringing it down to Florida with us and just knapsacks thrown in the back and I don't even think we had winter tires on the Camaro we just right down towards Florida. And the first stop we were going to make was Joby Orlando. And it was with Waner. Davis's granddad, he had a home down there and that was our our sort of point of contact. So in the old days we had you know those flip over maps that would give you direction on on what highways to take etc. You know, no GPS like today so I remember that memory but as we were driving down just so excited as young kids, we drove through the night I don't believe we we did any motel, stopping afford it on On a very late evening, early morning evening, we stopped. We pulled over for gas in Georgia in the wee hours of the morning. And it was the first first feeling of of the warm evening the march weather in Ottawa. It was the first sense of humidity and the warmth and pulling over in this gas bar, and it was a foggy, foggy evening, and you could just see the illumination in the distance of the gas station and we pulled off the interstate and into the gas bar to get gas and we were the only people there and I think Mark went into the washroom and I'm pumping up gas and out of the fog. Gentleman comes up to me and you know, right off the bat, this guy looked like a Vietnam vet. He had his his camel gear on heavily bearded, you know, looked look like a drifter. But, you know, that's in hindsight, at that point. He was just a guy coming out of the fog, you know, came over to the car and he said, Oh, you know, Ontario plates. You know, I know I know people from Ontario that good friends in Ontario so you know being young and naive I simply just began talking to them I would you know from Ottawa doing this going to go down Okeechobee and are so excited I'm going to the beach and go to Fort Lauderdale and go here go there and you know as he's talking to me he's you know it's getting closer and closer and you know sits down in the passenger opens up the door and sits down on the passenger side and you know Mark didn't come out yet and you give me a quick story that you know his bike ran out of gas just up the road and but mind if you could get a lift you know up to his bike from that point he jumped into the backseat and I'm still talking to him just you know happy to meet him right and Mark comes out and actually the gas attendant comes out to at the same time and I said Mark Mark look we met here and this city Sandy needs a ride down the road you let's get in and you know, give him a give him a drive on the road and Mark looks at his I'm not getting a fucking card. Don't forget it. You know I looked at him like he was blacked and marketing Gas attendant looked at me like I was whacked. Well, Mr. dumbfuck gets in the car decides to drive this, this guy off into the fog down the road. And Mark sees me drive away when I share the story again with Mark and we talk about it. You know, I still think he gets kind of angry because I could just imagine his shock watching me drive away, you know, he tells me later they were ready to call you authority. So I drive this guy down, the foggy road turns into a just a wall of fog. He says, oh, pull over pull over up here. My bikes just up here pull over the side of the road. He begins talking to me, you know, he says he's from West bomb and this and that. And if we head down to West Palm and it make sure to go see this place and see that place, you know, it starts talking about his days in the war, Vietnam War, and all of a sudden pulls out. This huge Rambo not shows me the knife and says, you know, this is what saved. I don't know if I wet myself or what I knew at that time, and even driving away from the gas station. You know, what the fuck am I doing? And I knew I was in a heap of trouble. You know, I don't know why nothing happened. But he just continued talking about, you know, his time in Vietnam showed me the knife and I think, I don't know if he made a decision or, or somebody made a decision up above to say, you know, it's not my time. But you know, I was his Pickens he could have could have hurt me there and just dumped me on the side and taken off with a vehicle and all our belongings and whatever we had with us, it was a really, really crazy, crazy event. So anyways, he ended up giving me an address location in West Palm of his family to call them and he stepped out of the vehicle said, you know, have a safe trip down to Florida and walked away in a fog. Jeez, I turned around, drove back to the gas station, and Mark looked at me, Mark didn't talk to me at all. He was super pissed. But you know, I came back saying, Wow, well, it's a big deal. I knew internally I I made a big mistake, but you know, after half an hour in the road, and when we got to our first Miller lights, it was something that we could talk about, but we still talk and share. That story today and I'm lucky to be here. I maybe it was a nice person but I put myself in a real stupid position and made a terrible choice at that time, but it's a memory. So anyways, everybody, be good, be safe, be healthy, boost up your immune system, and we'll talk to you soon. Ciao

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