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Episode #2...Media Intro, COVID and Supermoms!!! #testing #covid #vulnerable #immune system #podcast

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

What's up Antonio Leal TNT weekly podcast episode number two, man, this is a lot of work. I just did not realize the amount of work putting together a podcast, I really thought it was a lot more straightforward than what it is, you know, it's almost like an art form. So lots more respect out there for the entertainment and production industry. But listen, this is still a lot of fun and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Check me out on TNT My website is now live and posted and you can find me on podcast directories. Now on Apple podcasts, Spotify sticker,Google podcasts, overcast podcast,Castro and Caspod, put a search out to me there and you'll pick up my TNT weekly episodes as they come in, please subscribe to my show, check out our social media positions on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn wasn't really a big social media guy. I did do the Facebook thing and my LinkedIn thing, mostly surrounding my consulting company in the construction, some properties but I'm going to jump back on there. So I'll be shouting out once I get two or three episodes into my library, push up the social media and hopefully I'll reach out to more listeners out there. Be patient with me. I'm getting there. I'm getting there for sure. So beautiful Sunday morning here on Saturday, May long weekend in isolation in COVID. We have a little bit more flexibility out there from stage one. releases of retail openings etc. So great to be able to walk around in these garden centers and do our stuff but still strange in this whole COVID situation and tough to get off this topic obviously our lives are changing almost on a daily basis with updates and we don't know what the future is going to be like difficult to to judge what we're up against in a postcode but but again, taking care of ourselves and taking care of those most vulnerable i think is the way to go. It's something that if you look at what we need to do out there, and once we get out into the stages of being open to the public is consolidate and come together on taking care of those most vulnerable in our community and at the same time being the best that we can be. So you know, I think physical fitness nutrition, building up our immune system, learning more about our immune systems and just being a better person overall, what we need to do to really fight this invisible disease and get out there into the public in a comfortable format. You know something bring us to some normality into pre COVID existence we used to have so get fit get get your immune system pumped up some really great episodes with Joe Rogan's podcast this week he had Michael yo on check that out. That was two or three days ago, good friend did comedian of his was on and Michael Yo, you know, middle aged, great shape, etc. he contracted COVID-19 almost lost his life. It was really, really close to you have to listen to a story because he was almost a guinea pig in the hospital. At that point. He got it early on into the stages when COVID was being realized entering our communities and our life. So he's got some great feedback and stories from the medical community and help he was getting at that time. Another great podcast this week, Joe Rogan is Dr. Rhonda Patrick was on the mostly focusing on the immune system. Joe Rogan's a big believer in it and listen, I'll tell you, I'm not an expert on it, but the more and more of Listen to this stuff and read into it, it makes total total sense. Okay? build up your immune system, be a better person be in better shape, the relationship between good nutrition, supplementation, physical fitness will give you the best shot at tackling this virus when you get out in a public format. If you're trying to tell me now, you know, you envision stage one, two or three of this release in the public, listen, you're going to be bumping elbows, you're going to be in a mix of some sort of mass of people at some point, we can't live this way. two meters apart from everyone until we get a vaccine, we have to take care of ourselves, make sure that we are as strong as we can be to get out there. Okay. And and I think when we open up as a community and our government should be taking this position, take care of the most vulnerable that out there take care of the seniors, there are people with underlying health issues. These people have to be separated I think to a certain extent, not separated from social communication etc. But at least moving out into the new post cobit those that are most vulnerable have to be the most careful. And I think the rest of society can go on and function as best as they can, but functioning as best as you can, when you're being the best you can. It's a lot different than just functioning. Alright, change your lifestyle, build up your immune system, be the best that you can be and you'll have the best shot of challenging this virus and getting out in public. I don't see it any other way. So as stage one and stage two begin to open up from our governments and you're looking out I still can't wrap my head around this it's it's not going to fall back into place our businesses you know, here in New Tech, I don't know I how are they going to come together attract customers into their establishments? It's going to be really, really tough. They're going to have to be innovative and evolve and God bless him. I'm with him on every way they can survive out there curbside pickup etc. But listen, let's let's just face reality here getting back to normal, okay? Your favorite restaurant in town opens up so many great restaurants, family restaurants, let's just takethat are here, your favorite restaurant in town. They're open, they're obviously gonna have social distancing and play. It's not the same, it's not going to be the same. You know, what I think has to happen is we get out there and hopefully the government's will pick this up, you see information that vaccines are coming, etc. But I think we're the big ticket is, is testing testing has to happen. We have to get a method of testing as simple as a pregnancy test. That method of testing has to be tracked. I don't like the big brother, look, I don't like the thought of being tracked through an app or a cell phone or GPS. It's almost happening through social media networks. Anyway, the powerhouses out there. But you know, what I'd like to see out there and this is the way I think that we can get through this till a vaccine clears this out, but tracking the positives and the negatives of the population. Something as simple as a pregnancy test COVID test where an immediate result could be triggered, you're either positive or you're not or you're negative. This testing will define you know where you're going to go and take a business for example, if you were a business you're sitting for 75 or 100, you need the 75 or 100. And turning that over to make a business out of you know, as a business owner, you should have a screening process right at the door advertise and saying that you are completely COVID free your staff everybody and that you have regular testing of everyone that comes either in or out of your establishment more specific to staff how you handle inventory coming in and out and that your environment is completely your your environment is completely negative. And then as a customer if I have some sort of analysis or code or certificate or testing that shows that I am also negative then I can be comfortable as i as i can be to enter an environment of socializing and having a dinner with family having a dinner with friends in an environment where it's called free that's the only way that I see this thing getting back to normal in some fashion. Yeah separates the strong and the and the weak if you want to define it in that way, but it is reality it is what's out there. I think that's the only way we can get our businesses turning around. So hopefully the testing procedures will turn around immediately and that's what I see happening check out. Dana White, UFC, UFC 249. Last week what a leader what a president this guy is, is just pushing forward and he pushed forward obviously within the cobit situation but you know, had a had a huge card of fighters and held function in Jacksonville, Florida in an empty arena. But you know how we put it together was was a diligent and extreme testing situation of everybody coming in everybody promoters, trainers, media, whoever was allowed in to the event was tested over and over and over Joe Rogan is promoted for UFC, he explained it a bit everybody was tested, even the environment in the hotel that they have built the hotel people, you know that it was a negative establishment with their testing procedures, they went out rented a floor and just you know, all traffic was controlled. Everybody wants control in the testing aspect to ensure that the environment was all negative. And from my understanding, even a fighter or two, I don't know if it was a trainer, but they tested positive, you know, they weren't involved in the event. So take that analogy and bring that to a business in our community, bring that to Boston Pizza, Montana's anywhere once we get that sort of testing, available testing and play and obviously followed by testing of the customer base that enters you can put together a safe environment and fuel business as it used to be. That's the only way I see this thing happening. So get out there as an individual and be the best. That you can through physical fitness, nutrition supplementation and get yourself prepared to enter the post COVID era. You know, hopefully we'll get some testing up there. That's where I think we have to lobby as hard as we can to get our testing seniors in place so we can protect our most vulnerable and, you know, bring life back to a pre COVID time check out that podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick Joe Rogan's podcast this week, just some incredible information about the immune system, the deficiencies that are most vulnerable in in us out there you know, lacking of vitamin D and C and E and the relationship between being topped up in these vitamin areas and how it strengthens your immune system that it protects you against this COVID run. And you'll hear this on that podcast that you know low levels of vitamin D etc. Make you very vulnerable to the COVID virus that supplementation in this area. So beneficial, so get stronger if you have the opportunity to get stronger out there just go out and get stronger. So it's an easy thing to do. Alright, so let's shout out to new tech and let's get stronger as a community out there, right? Pretty cool if we could isolate new tech and just be like, COVID, free, everybody's healthy, our seniors are in their home protected, and there's a testing, I mean, you know, think about it open, open your minds and think about it in that fashion. So I think we can attain that. And that's what has to happen. You know, we have to, we have to look at this, like the way I look at this in the testing aspect is HIV, the HIV era or HIV today, right? You're infected with HIV, you go to a bar, you're in search of a partner, you meet someone and you hook up if you know you're HIV positive, and you know that you can infect your partner. Your obligation is to inform your partner your status of this disease, right, that they could be infected. If you don't, and you give it to your partner. There's an issue here, right? I think there's a legal issue, you're going to get into problems. So I think if we can create that sort of environment with cobit COVID positive COVID negative through simplified testing, I think we can control future outbreaks and protect our most vulnerable and at the same time go out socialize like we used to do. Okay shout out to our front liners out here in New Tech, you know, the more I had this opportunity with a podcast to reach out to listeners out there I think about you know why I'm doing this and why I'm here. Listen, our front liners have just been you know, heroes, our supply chain or delivery people grocery people pharmacist, our pharmacies, our convenience stores or gas stations, police officers or firemen or paramedics or doctors or hospitals or nurses or PS W's and staff Thank you for everything that you're doing to make our lives as best as possible during the situation. So you know, sometimes you wake up and you take these things for granted but you guys are heroes out there keeping this going and at the same time probably going through a big amount of stress. Not only For those of you running your businesses, but those of you that have to go back home to your families and the safety issues of not wanting to spread this to your family while you go out and take care of others so thank you very much. I want to have a future show on this. I've ordered a nice digital recorder that I want to bring in and use that on the road so I'll be interviewing a lot of you out there that's what I'd like to do and give you an opportunity and give you a voice and shout out to you front liners. Thank you for everything you're doing. Shout out to our our moms out there love my mom immensely, you know, moms during this time working careers, managing the household taking care of kids in school, their schooling, etc. I mean, I just can't fathom what you know our moms are going through you know, I know you're at at home here trying to get my son motivated into schoolwork is really really difficult. Get them off the Xbox is one thing getting him into an online structure for school and continuing the school. It's been really really difficult for sure. I understand. to stress from time to time on, you know, not going out to like he was used to and playing with friends but his world is surrounded around this Xbox and that Xbox community and keeping in touch with friends and family. So you know, Lisa has to keep them in check and get him up to date with the schooling on a regular basis every morning. So, you know, I know that that's very, very difficult than men. She's doing an amazing job. Mines me of just a cute story with my mom and Lisa's Mom, you know, amazing, amazing women and widowed my dad's passed away some years back and Lisa's dad passed away this past year. So our mothers are at home on their own and supported by our circles and you know, just in thinking of our son his infancy, you know, and grandmas and granddad's were pretty important but in relation to our moms specifically, it's I always chuckle on on how different our families are. Lisa's background, you know, coming from England, and my background being Spanish, totally different extremes and passion in raising kids. You know, I get a chuckle out of thinking thinking back in those old days when we were living in Ottawa, Diego in his early years and you know our our moms were an important part of our kids upbringing you know, and specifically in my family but after meeting Lisa was just exactly the same thing the back and forth and staying with them but they had they had certain ways they had different ways you know, you know Diego after staying a day or night or something over at least his parents you know, I'd hear the stories and I'd be over there picking up Diego or whatever the circumstances would be but what always comes to find is is my mom and was you know, just a cute English accent voice with Diego right? You know Diego would be playing with his toys and you'd have this bowl of soup by him you know something that you love this time as the train probably so he says mom would be saying, Diego please come over here. Look at this train and let's read it but can have your soup before his cooker and me a chuckle because leaving Diego at my mom's place. was a totally different decimal level of care, right? So my mom would be like, you know, dear who would be there with his toys and bowl of soup and everything and my mom would say, Cabron..ben aqui come la sopa...te voy a dar una bufetada....come todo la sopa.......And that just makes me laugh. So from one extreme to another, and that's our boy today who's had both levels of passion, Spanish passion coming out, and that English passion coming out and it stays the same here in this household. So Lisa is very patient with Diego and very calm. And then if I step into the picture, well, my mom comes out right. So really, really, really, really makes me chuckle when I think about it. So speaking of moms, I want to end the show with a news article that just came into play this week hosted may 8 2020. With CBC point of view, it brought up a good old friend of mine, Robert plum, and I I have a lot of great memories with Robin her two children. She's a single mom right now her son Carson and her daughter Morgan for son Carson is a special needs child and you know Robin is a top director in the government remember Robin very dedicated to her job in her career. So this is some of the challenges that maybe are going unnoticed out there. So if I can bring this forth anyone here in New Tech, you know, we understand your challenges those taken care of it needed special needs child or maybe even your mom or your dad, but I want to read this story to you about Robin and the decision she made in her career to handle the certain situations she's put up against right now with this cold and taking care of her daughter and her special needs son and I'll start the article here, right at the top. Okay, I used to pride myself on being able to balance a successful career as a director in the public service and an active family life that includes a teenager who has a developmental disability is nonverbal and has severe behavioral challenges with support from family and friends, I created a village where my son is loved to celebrate it and one of my 16 year old daughter, a superstar student, that competitive app is able to just be a big sister, not a caregiver like some families are forced to do given a lack of support for special needs. This all came crashing down on March 23. When all schools and community support services were shuttered, and Canadians were told to stay home, my village vanished overnight. My son attends a special class at ridgemont High School and has the support of a wonderful team including occasional one on one support given his needs and behavioral challenges. I spent years advocating for his rights and we finally found a school where you can be successful. With the closure of schools. My son instantly lost critical social interaction and learning opportunities all his community based activities such as therapeutic riding and hockey cease. recreation facilities and respite services are closed, and friends and family are all self isolating. I realized everyone is impacted by the pandemic measures but for myself And other kids with special needs, predictability is critical and the change in routine leads to vulnerability. My son does not understand closed until further notice and gets really agitated by always being at home. This usually manifests itself into aggression and property destruction. I'm usually the target of his hitting, kicking and sometimes fighting and now that he has a big as me it can really hurt. He also hit walls and furniture and throw things he cannot be out in the community as physical distancing is completely foreign concept to him and personal hygiene is a challenge at the best of times. The upshot of this is that my son's world suddenly came very small, with him placing all his focus on me, not only to be a mom, but also a teacher, caregiver and a playmate. Meantime, I also had to continue to work and manage a team of professionals in the surreal work from home environment. for four weeks at work. My job was supporting my son and his online learning and daily living. I did my best to help my daughter not stressed out about grades and schoolworkthrough all this I can Forgot about myself. I didn't notice I was walking a tightrope, with my balance increasingly teetering over the edge. Finally, I was forced to have what was the most difficult conversation of my career where I admit it, I couldn't do it all Something had to give. And that's something was work. I felt like I was admitting defeat, letting down my team and losing a big part of my identity. I am fortunate to have an employee that talks the talk when it comes to mental health and valuing the well being of myself in my family during this extraordinary time. within two days, my boss mobilized the plan for me to step away from my work responsibilities and for that I'm eternally thankful. Mine is a story of self awareness and thankfulness. These are extraordinary times that will test the most resilient people. I'm strong but can only do so much and if I do not take care of myself, my loved ones will suffer. This is not my failure but self care. unlike so many others hit by this pandemic. I do not have to quit my job to care for my son. I do not need to worry about how I will pay the bill. I continue to be paid. I'm fortunate to have simply benefits and can take short term leave with a note from my doctor, together with my employer with which we will determine what return to work looks like and when it will happen. Caring for a special needs child is challenging in the best of times. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that we will be stronger and I hope more empathetic to others. Shout out to Robin that's a supermom.

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