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Episode #13 Podcast Re Cap and Tribute to Neil " Denny " Dunster #tntweekly#suicideawareness#stress

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what, exactly the Saturday morning August long weekend made it COVID stage three and a month away till the kids go back to school. Crazy, crazy time flying by and we're in the middle of crazy crazy times. hope everybody is doing great. This is just a recap on my podcast today. I want to thank everyone everyone for listening and tuning in and giving me your comments and subscribing and following Liking. It's really, really blown me away To my surprise. So thank you. Listen, I love what I'm doing. It's great. It's fun, getting to know the community I love so much even a little bit better, and promoting it to boot. So really, thank you again, and I'm just going to continue on this journey. I'm just having a blast. So please continue to listen, follow, give me comments, give me leads. I'll take anything, that's fine. And, you know, I've got a lot of great upcoming podcasts coming up and planned and great guests coming onto the show. It's going to be a real blast. And if you haven't listened to any of them, or all of them, you know, they were great podcasts 123 I didn't know what I was doing. I just entered the podcast world and tried to figure it out. And it evolved into the commencement of interviews that episode four with Johnny Wong, the pharmacist and Dr. Phil tubercle. a chiropractor for Episode Five was great to meet Sandra Lambie, owner of the coop and Williams restaurants, and talk to her about the situation how she was evolving, which is amazing. And awesome to get to know her a little bit better. Episode Seven what a crank time that was with Mr. Tim Ronan the musician really enjoyed that guy's a guy's like a master artist, you know, a craftsman. It's just, it's just amazing how he's making these guitars from scratch. And he's just a talented musician, putting out a CD very, very soon. I cannot wait for it. It's going to be the bomb. Mr. Tim Ronan. All right. So let's scoop that up new tech. support this local musician that's just been rocking the town for quite some time. episode eight was my really good Friday. I love this woman. She's just incredible. That's all I can say Dr. Isabella Cogan love her to death and you know, it was just wonderful to have her on and, and and discuss you know you know good lifestyle choices and you know staying healthy etc and you know and looking at a community and, and and you know appreciating this community she chose to stay here and raise her family here, another sign of where we live and was instrumental in recruiting more doctors in our community. We're just blessed. You know, we're blessed to have all these wonderful medical services in our building that were you know that that started all from, you know, one or two doctors and Dr. Kogan included in bringing that medical storm of service into the community as this community continues to grow. So it's just great to have Episode Number nine, the theatre operator owners of the circle theatre, Mark and Tina Molnar, that was really, really a great interview and, you know, we did it in the circle theatre that hasn't had any attendance for quite some time. They've been hit hard. And I wanted to reach out to them and they were gracious and coming on the podcast. You know, it's one of the last businesses to to to get back into allowing anybody in, you know, came late as other businesses where we're reopening and being able to To do something but what was really amazing about Tina and Mark is you know their concept their driving their drive in theater comp outdoor driving concept and they worked in parallel with Stevenson farms and spa and I tell you that's a resort and a half like they invited me out after the podcast interview as they had the CGI ah up there and they were setting up for their first evening launch of the driving and Stevenson farms and spa just beautiful. I just drive by it all the time. I just don't realize what a gorgeous setting and they've got some really cool funky evenings you know, you know, tasting wine tasting and meals, etc. So it you know, in parallel with the drive and concept, you know, with circle, they have some great theme nights, you know, I did see posting the other day on this Italian night with a with an Italian movie I mean wow that you know this type of ingenuity and evolvement you know during these these really strange times is to me is just remarkable. We have that right in our backyard. So make sure to check out that driving and I'd love to have Stevenson on Stevenson farm and spa harvest spa on the podcast, I will reach out to them just a beautiful location. And I'd love to know more about the history there. I do believe it is a la blah residence in original, the original Mr. La blah I'm not quite certain but I am going to definitely read up on that get some more information because I think it's it's just some wonderful, amazing history. That's a part of our community. Episode Number 10. I had the mayor on now, that really solidified my podcast getting the mayor of the town on my podcast and the honorable Rick Milan. What a great guy. I've loved this guy since I met on day one. And when I first came into the community 10 years ago, 10 or 11 years ago, I did reach out to him, you know, just some directives not knowing certain directions here in the community on on visions and mandates that I had. And he was always so helpful, always answering the phone and we connected pretty early on just to me a great guy. Thank you, Rick, for being on the show. And you know, politics is tough, you know, the left side, the right side. Yes, people that know people don't even want to jump in that arena. I don't know how you do it. But I do know that your hearts with this community And and your heart and soul is in this community. And I really appreciate your duty and what you do for us here. So thank you Mr. Mayor. podcast number 11 was sleepy Eric sleepy Floyd man that was like a surprise I you know that just came about and listen it came about if anybody's asking well you know how the hell did this guy you know podcast guy get a an ex NBA professional basketball player on the show and one with a Gretzky like record you know sleepy has and still maintains the record for most points in a quarter and a half in a playoff game. And he did that against the mighty Lakers. That was a great interview and sleepy made it so easy on you can tell these professionals, these athletes You know, they've done thousands of interviews so I was a bit nervous you know when you called in and you know he just made it so easy was just so smooth. He just answered and extended and and it just flowed so I could tell right off the bat The moment he started responding that he made this interview so easy, so thank you sleepy and really a super thank you to how sleepy got on the show, which was you know, through my dear friends down in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lorna and Doug Corrigan. They are good friends with sleepy down there. And you know, Lorna got wind of my podcast, she's in the movie business in a movie industry. In Toronto, she should be back in Toronto now. And if she just crossed over, definitely in quarantine, but she's, she's really embedded in the movie industry and So she's going to get me some other, you know, great interviews. So, Lauren is always helpful and always reaching out and, and, you know, wanting to help. So thank you, Lorna. Thank you, Doug. And thank you sleepy. And my last podcast number 12 the amazing Miss Becky, Mrs. Becky over back. The fitness trainer. Well, this girl just blew me away. So I've always wanted to get a fitness trainer on you know, health and nutrition. Work of physical fitness on and I didn't know who and my wife just messaged a message messaged mentioned to me. You know, check out Becky overbeck man like where you been? Where you've been? So I just looked her up and I was just amazed. Like she's writing her back I don't know how I never came across my radar. But such a talent, such an inspiration, such a motivation. I thought I was motivated and driven. This girl is in the passing lane 24 seven. And she is lying. Let me tell you, she will conquer and she will perceive and quite quite a story. You'll love this interview. And if you're ever you know, considering a fitness kick or you know any direction and lifestyle change and nutrition and physical exercise, you know, check her out. Everything's just very supportive. You can tell she's a very caring person, and also very passionate about what she does, and who she trains and who she cares for. So, thank you Becky. And remember that name, she's going to go global This girl, I'm certain of it, she's really got some she's really got her sites out there. And I have no doubt that she'll get there. That's it for my rap. I'm going to have some great great interviews coming up. It's super, I'm really excited about one with my love of my life. My wife, Lisa, who is the weight loss coach over at idle protein at the millpond Medical Center. She is the best weight loss coach in the world. Okay, and I'm going to have her on the podcast and I think Johnny is going to join in as well because Johnny's instrumental in that nutritional sighs and this keto diet that really is off the charts. It works so well. So I'm really, really looking forward to that and many others I dropped by the beatties The BD distillery distillery I'd love to have can be on the show so if you're listening out there and you're pretty connected and you know the BD the the main man, the distiller Could you please give a shout out? I'd love to have a mind it would be so interesting, you know, generational family, what a foundation here in this community and the BD VOD command. And this guy is gone go you know, I think I just saw an ad not too long ago that he's in Texas. Now with distribution and believe me, Texas needs our bt vodka. You know, our potatoes up here. distilled into vodka are doing wonders. I'm very certain for those Texas Longhorns down there. It's craziness craziness, so they need the beat of bt vodka. Believe me Anyways, that's a wrap. Please continue to listen to this podcast. Greatly appreciate it Subscribe. I'm on all the podcast directories Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, I Heart Radio, website TNT And throw me out any any ideas on on a podcast, you know format or something that you'd be interested in, in seeing and you know, I'm open to anything. I'd love to get a co host on the show I'm chasing. I'm chasing one friend, one one friend. And I think that she would be awesome as my sidekick and I hope that that she will find the time or something that we can put together so I keep on hounding her. She'd be ideal. So I won't let it out. But I'd I think she'd be amazing. So if you're hearing me, I'm thinking of you all the time as my co pilot here. I'd like to end the show by dedicating this podcast and and in memory of a dear, long term longtime friend of mine, one of my longest friends from the hood, Riverside Park, South Ottawa, Neil Denny Dunster. Neil took his life. Thursday, he's gone. And I'm coming to terms with it, and it's difficult. I'm confused. So sad. I don't have any answers. It it leads me to, you know, how mental health is such a disease that is not nearly treated and focused on enough. And, you know, my story that I'm, it's not my story. This is about Neil. Danny you know, just touched by by this area because of, of the manner in which we've lost Danny and i and i and i don't know and i and i don't have any answers and and I'm not going to judge and I'm not going to assumeanything I just want to share Some stories about Neil and, and you know, hopefully my, my Riverside boys are listening at the same time and can pick up on some of these stories and reminisce, like I'm reminiscing now. And I want to share that with you and you know, Danny was a an amazing guy you know growing up very young you know, as we started to get into adolescence and you know, our, our teen years Danny was an amazing jogger, an amazing hockey player just could fly like the wind. And you know what, I'll never forget, you know, at least some of my memories are so many but I'll share them now and and hopefully the boys Can can reminisce to themselves and and extend on that. We should have a Danny show one day. But Danny, you know laugh You know, laughing He is the the, the clown in the party, the comical character, the good soul just just an amazing fun fun memory at every party we went, we went to and we gathered when we were young in the teen days, you know, in Riverside Park You know, a lot of our homes were were open, you know, including my my parents were so gracious and so many memorable parties in between homes and we seem to have them every weekend. And, you know, the introduction to beer you know, was very apparent with us and and like, I think Think most do. You know, as we're growing up, we indulged and we had fun. You know, no internet, no phone, no nothing in those days, just, you know, our priorities were, you know, a game of cards and you know, the game of cards weren't there was simply, you know, playing caps, some board games and sitting around drinking beer and then the music would crank up and we'd all be dancing and you know, and you know, our girlfriends at that time it was such a regular a regular way that we celebrated our lives as we were growing up. And Danny was always the the blast in the party and you know, he was a hell of a dancer, and he he'd loved his air guitar. And every time the who would come on or, or any great song with a great riff. You know, you Do the Peter Townsend scissor kick up in the air with that swinging arm clang of the air guitar and we die and die and laughter just watching him do his thing. He always got geared up pretty well you know you'd always be the last to leave the party to you'd be the first one to party and you'd be the last one to leave the party you know my one of my dear friends our dear friends, Jeff mo cop. You know, we call him chops. You know, because Jeff wood Jeff had these teeth they were like, you know that guy on said guy yeah, jars, the the James Bond the jaws guy. Yeah, he had those years of those teeth that he would just grind on a metal Well, Jeff macaque was the same way at least with the strength of his teeth. Again, opiates amounts of of alcohol and beers would get us all in this mood. But Jeff would get down on on in doggy style, he would get down on all fours and begin barking like a dog you know and like a pitbull and one party I'll just never forget it. Jeff just got a hold of Danny's, you know, jeans on the asset and, you know, and grifted he seemed to not touch the skin in any capacity. And he just gripped down and, you know, shaken and growl and like a dog. You know, rip the pants along with the underwear, just a strip of material. You know, I'd say 610 inches long. And the look on Danny's face was incredible and he still carried on doing his thing. guitar and, and flying scissor kick. You know Peter Townsend all the way up. We're gonna miss you, Danny. gonna miss you so much. Up at the cottage, one out and we have one of our golf tournaments up at the cottage. My dad's cottage up by Renfrew. And my dad was around he just my dad love the boys. But I've you know, I'll never forget the the I, I guess you could say it was a drinking competition. I'm not sure between my dad and Danny and Danny's a beer drinker and my dad would love to have his his his shot of whiskey or scotch, you know, after a glass of wine, but he just was so entertained by us guys, you know, where are our youth in our our world Laughter just made him smile. And he'd always like to join in. But, you know, Neil dared my dad, you know, Danny dared my dad and it turned into like a shooter fest. And it didn't it didn't end up well for Danny, that's for sure. My dad definitely conquered you know. And at that same same cottage event. You know, in the late nights the campfires on I'll never forget, as well. I think Danny went into the washroom or, or something. There was a side door and then another sliding patio door on the other side by on the upper level. So Danny went in washroom, and you know, it's dark, you have the fire outside and you're looking up at the cottage and you see the lights on the inside. And Danny came walking as he walked right through the screen door and the screen screen just popped out. It just doesn't sound that funny. But at that time when we were there, we just, we just broke up. It was, it was crazy. And, you know, one of the highlights and thinking of so many memories, and I'll just end it, you know with with one of Danny's famous presentations, impersonations, he always got away with having a couple of drinks and and getting into an international accent, and he had many, and he put on these different personas and he do it so well. But it was the year the World Cup two, three years ago, it could have been the Euro Cup, but all of us get together over again and knock away the Glen house resort for an annual reunion. Only two weeks ago, we were together with Neil, for reunion at Eagle Creek in Ottawa, so so thankful that I got the chance to see Neil there and but going back to our Glen house again and aqui outing and I just, I just I peed myself with this guy just he worried referee jersey and he put together a stack of red cards and yellow cards as a referee would hold in, in, in soccer competition, right? So whenever there's a penalty is a yellow card warning. So second or third hole. You know on this type of trip on this trip there was never a vehicle in play for two days. So we walk right across the resort over to the golf course. And you know, the beers and the beverages start pretty early. No matter what the tee off time is and You know, everybody's primed up and we're all teeing off at the the front the box and first hole you know things are slow everybody's excited. You know we have 1620 guys right four or five cards. So in the first hole and as we're waiting and you know the the crew in front of us, believe me I was in the first cart or the second or third. But anyways, well sort of congregated waiting to get on to the next tee box. And one of the boys as we do on golf courses, we pull up a tree and you know, we, you know, when we have to take a pee and we pull up to the nearest tree, well, Neil pulls out a whistle and starts blowing his whistle and, you know, flashes the red card and write some down for the record. So all weekend, all weekend. He had this yellow card red card thing when anybody got out of hand or, or anything that he didn't like or thought was whatever, you would pull out a yellow card or a red card and sign you up, you know. So, yeah, I'll call it a wrap. And, you know, this podcast is in memory of you, Danny. We're going to miss you, buddy. You know, and we'll see you again. And we'll catch up. But I hope that you're a piece now. I wrote down this See you time Sweet dreams machines in PCs I've seen I've seen sunny days. See you

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