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Episode#12 The Fitness Trainer....An Interview with Becky Overbeck #tntweekly#fitness#training#fit

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People really excited about today

I'm here in the world renowned babe cave with the one and only Becky Overbeck.

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Good Antonio. Thank you. How are you?

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I'm doing awesome. I'm doing just great. Listen, you know, I feel like I've been living under a rock here in New Tech because three four podcasts ago I told my wife I said you know I gotta find somebody a trainer or something, you know, physical fitness nutrition motivator, and she goes for checkup Becky over back where you been? Right. And I check you out and I'm going wow, what a resume. What a resume what, uh, following. It was just incredible. So I had to reach out to you. I'm really happy that I'm here. You know, thank you for having me and, and you're so well respected out there and followed. But there are many that don't know you. And I was one of them. Right. Could you give a sort of background on Becky and how you came to this point in this journey? Because I feel it's a long one and an interesting one. And I think a lot of people would like to know, all

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right, well, first, thank you for having me. I'm honored.Yes, it is a long story. So I'm the youngest of seven children. We were raised up in New Liskeard Ontario, way up north and Canada. We did not have a lot of money at all. And so we my mother and father, they did their very best Food was something that it was a lot of bread and pasta, the cheap, the cheapest, the easiest they could stretch out, right to feed seven children. So at a very young age, we were eating, you know, hot dogs and, and whatever, whatever it was cheap. And I remember a specific day where we were all in our living room and we were eating, and I looked around the room, and I noticed that every single one of my family members was overweight. And at that very moment, I decided that I did not want that lifestyle for myself. And if there was a way that I could help them to also get healthier, that I wanted to do it. So this was at 12 years of age. And I asked my parents if I could go to the library, get some books, increase my knowledge on health and fitness and health. The eating. And they said, of course. So we would go to secondhand shops in the library. And I read every single book I could. So when everyone else in my family was watching television, I had books on the couch, I was with them. And I was underlining, and I was circling and writing out recipes. And this is a 12. And then I asked my parents, would it be okay, if I started creating the recipes? Can I try cooking for the family? And they said, Of course you can. So then it was finding cheaper versions of the recipes because we couldn't afford chicken breast and we couldn't afford, you know. So my mom would say you can go to the reduced cart and you can pick out the vegetables and fruit that were there with a certain little budget I had. So I remember buying blueberries and raspberries and having to pick out all the little D ones. And creating these recipes and my family were loving it. And one summer. I asked my mom, I said could we go for a walk in the evening Could we just do that? And she said, Yeah, so my sister in law came. And in just a few months, my mom lost 40 pounds. And my sister in law lost 15 pounds, and my whole entire family was losing weight, and they were getting healthier and happier. And that was at 1213 1415 this was when this is when it happened.

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Wow, that's amazing. And, you know, looking at your posting and everything getting to know you a little bit more. I mean, it's such a vast, amazing career path of, of, of modeling training to the babe cave, and passing on that vision that you had at such a young age. Right. Yeah. To to the publican. And, you know, I noticed more and more as I was looking into your, your journey and your posts is that yeah, I think it's more than that. It's it's not only the weight loss, it's not only the physical fitness I think he want to share this journey, your motivational posts and your motivational discussions online are so caring and so deep. So I have the sense that if someone needs help, and they reach out to you that you want to take them through this journey from the beginning to the end, and it doesn't matter who or what you are, Can Can you sort of delve a little bit on dispassion that's so vivid in your postings.

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So again, this way, this goes back to being a young girl as well. Being in school, my friends would pour their heart out to me I would again be 1213 years of age, and I always felt this incredible need to try and help them whatever I could do to lessen their burden or in any way that I could. There's a lot of stories there. But anyways, as I got older, I realized everywhere I went, whether it be the grocery store, we were out for meal or traveling, I felt people's emotions. And we could be sitting here and over here, I can feel somebody's sadness, I can feel somebody's joy. And I feel that it's my responsibility to share a smile, or a kind word, or sometimes it's a hug. Sometimes you'll be at restaurants and I'll say to my husband, I have to get up for a moment, and I will meet a woman in the washroom who I can feel. I saw her walk past and I can feel that she's in need of something and help us give her a title. So sweet. Wonderful. So that is amplified even more in group classes. So and we're in here, you should see what people are going through.

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You know, I can just imagine I've gone through it and I can't wait to tell you my little journey on it. But you know, going back to your your you know your family and and and nutrition and changing the way you eat and lifestyle that way is nutrition an important part of physical fitness and training? I mean it's one thing to be in your mid 20s and you know you're training and then at the same time all I'm gonna follow that up with a couple of cold ones because I deserve it right you know, I know the importance of it because I've seen it make a difference in my life. But you at your level How do you direct that importance and explain to our listeners it's all a complete package. So you know, you may want to train and you may want to run and you may want to do whatever you need to do. But the importance of nutrition and I can see here in the Babecave, I mean you have shelving here full of of proteins and nutritious vitamin supplements, etc, etc. How important is that Becky and the complete journey if you do want to change your life in the sense of training, physical fitness, yeah. And then nutrition but

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so first of all, I want to thank you for spreading that message because it needs to get out more and more. How important healthy nutritious eating is. I liken it to if you are not feeling well, and you, you swamp your shoulders, you're not feeling well. You're not eating well. You're not sleeping. How? How many positive thoughts can come from you? If you're not feeling well, your mind won't act well. And when your mind doesn't act well, you can't. You can't put all your energy into your life. You need to fuel your body and make it feel that you need to have good sleep. More water, good vitamins, supplements. The better you feel, the more the more your mind will work properly, you'll be able to think more positively, you will end up being more encouraging and motivating to those around you. healthy eating and nutrition impacts every single area of your life. I think of how many people are battling with obesity, weight gain, indigestion, high cholesterol, blood pressure, they're on medicines, and so much of it can be reversed. Aging can be reversed through a healthier diet. It's so important when people come in to exercise. I often ask them what they've eaten today, because it's going to directly impact your energy that you put out in the workout. If you're not feeling well, you've just had a hot dog and a beer right before class you will not perform as well as someone who has fueled their properly. Yeah. So it's so, so important.

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Thank you for you know, emphasizing that and and I wish I would have had that that mindset five years ago and and you know, if I may intervene and and my journey and that question and I've been mentioning this in my previous podcast that nutrition, especially through this COVID period, right, build up your immune system, like, do the best that you can be to fuel up that machine that we're blessed with. Yeah, right. And fight it off. Right. So, in the beginning of January, you know, two years prior, I started intermittent fasting, my wife's with she's a nutritional coach over at the millpond family pharmacy, and it's a keto it's Ideal Protein. Sure, and I saw my wife doing tremendously well in losing weight and maintaining So, I did it differently. I looked into intermittent fasting. Right? And I still maintained my naughty food a little bit, right? I still maintain my beer, my my wine. And I dropped from. I was two or three and I dropped down around 180 scan. Right. It was a good drop. Yeah. But still, there was something missing. I am a busy businessman. And I felt you know, a lot of my time doing due diligence is in the evenings and everything. So in my mid 50s I, you know, after suffering a glass of wine, I was just it was over. Yeah, that went to sleep. I was done. We call I just crashed right out. It was over. Yeah. And so I lost that time. That was very important. Yeah. And, and then number two, as I'm aging, I just found that my cognitive wasn't as sharp and it was bothered your brain health. Yeah, my brain was just it was bothering. Yeah. Right. So I did that YouTube school. And I made, you know, promise to myself January as Okay, I'm going to join the gym. Yeah, right. But with the gym, I'm going to change my lifestyle and what I write, I am going to knock out the processed foods, I'm going to knock out sugar, and I'm going to cut my alcohol and drink water like water doesn't exist anymore. Like it's your job. Like it's my job to drink water. Exactly. And it was hard. Listen, Becky, you know, when anyone if it was easy, everybody would do it. It's like everything is hard. Right? And you have to work at it right? So I began working at it and with my wife's software app system. I followed and weighed myself and I was able to see my body fat, my BMI, my water intake and I also started At a macro count my foods, right? I wanted to stay in about a 40% protein 30 carb 30 fat, you know, split. And I watched what I ate, right. And I maintain my BMI calorie intake. However, with the exercise, I was in a calorie deficit. Yeah. Good. And I said, Okay, this is kind of cool. So I was tracking it, right. Yeah. And you'll probably emphasize that it's so important to track it. Because if you don't track it, you'll get lost, right, Becky? Like, so I was tracking it. And it pushed me to maintain that calorie deficit. And it pushed me to say, Oh, I'm sure to my proteins, right. Let's bring them up with a workout regime and what I noticed over six months, so I started a 180 in January. I'm now down to 159. Amazing. Yeah, my body fat percentage is 20.4. Right feeling. I feel the best Becky that I've ever But like, I would have to say that in my 20s and 30s, I have not felt this way, right. And it's not that I didn't feel bad before. It's just, I just knew that there was something not right. And I just felt that it's time to change. And it's time to be the best that I can be. And I turned 60 this year, so I challenged myself and said, Oh, damn, I'm an old man at 60. I'm not really at all now, but is okay, I'm going to challenge myself. And the fact that I stayed on the wagon. is because of the way I felt. I know. That was the weird part. Yeah, I thought it was gonna fall off the wagon. Oh, I'm looking at that cold course light. I'm looking. But I didn't bet you like I didn't have a drop of alcohol or beer in three months in that in that first period. My birthday was in March, and that's when I toasted myself right. And I had a glass of wine but now the glass of wine. Now that cold beer is every week or 10 days and it's not part of my lifestyle anymore. But I enjoy it as a once in a while, right? And I've maintained it. So that's what I'm really proud of is that I've stayed there and it was a little difficult in COVID. Right? But I was able to get a kettlebell there. They weren't, they weren't many out there. I think I grabbed the last one, right? And with kettlebell and bodyweight exercises, right, I maintained it. And as everybody knows, back in the gym, as of last week at good life, and again, this is why I'm so honored to have you on the show. So that's a little bit of my fitness journey. So I'm telling you out there. If Becky's telling you this I'm telling you this anybody can do it change your life at anytime you want.

Becky 15:51

There's no feeling like when you become how you feel right now there's no once you get there, you never want to go back and the other You want to scream it from the rooftops? Because you want to help as many people as possible to feel how good you feel right? Yep. Yeah, that's what the whole thing is about reading a fitness coach is, you know how good it feels to be healthy and strong. And you just want to help as many people as possible to get there.

Unknown Speaker 16:18

Yeah, absolutely. When you know at your level, Becky and what you've accomplished, your Babe cave classes, your kangaroos, if you can, you can, I've seen them. They're, they're very inspirational and you have, you know, a mix of of many people in age groups in your class. You know, you're at your level at your peak and to stay at your peak. I know you must have a crazy workout regime. When someone comes to you, as a beginner, like, you know, as a beginner seeing you maybe they're intimidated, maybe They're not, you know, how do you bring them in with your love and your coaching and do the workout that you do, however, let them gradually get to where they're supposed to go? Yeah.

Becky 17:16

So as you mentioned, we have all ages, sizes and fitness levels in the studio. So we've I've had the great honor of training with little ones as young as five and six up into men and women in their 70s. And we're all in the same room together. It's not like you know, now it's gonna be the man class and the woman class, whatever age group class No, we're all together. And as you can see on our rack, we have weights that start at two pounds and they go up to 40 pounds. So everybody comes in before COVID. Everybody hug each other. So we're all excited to see each other you become a family. Catch up. with each other, and you spend a lot of time together, so anyways, tight hugs were a big part of it. Warming warm welcome is really important to me. Then everybody chooses their own weight. So it's not something that okay, I say you have to use this and you have to use them. So you've come in, if you're a beginner, you might start with two pounds, you might start with five pounds or eight pounds. I started, you know, back in the day I my first set was an eight pound set of dumbbells in my bathroom, and I worked my way up, but anyways, the beginner might do jumping jacks, whereas the more advanced person in the room might be doing burpees everybody works at their own pace, and there are modifications for every single exercise. If someone has a bad shoulder, they might use a dumbbell and this arm, but this one is just going to be doing the repetitions right with no weight in that arm. So the main thing I try to get out in every single class is that there is no competition. Life is not a competition. It's only about you versus you. And if you've been using eight pounds or 10 pounds for the last year, I'm going to be that person who's going to encourage you to increase your weight. I probably am going to see your potential before you see it. So I will be the person who's going to say, Have you tried recently to up your weight? Have you tried a burpee recently? You've been coming for six months and you're still doing jumping jacks, I think you're ready to do burpee. Most people will try it. And they surprised themselves at what they can do. All of a sudden they go oh my gosh, I didn't even know I could do that. Yeah, until they try. So that's what it's about.

The I'm gonna ask you the cardio side. All right, like you know pumping weight. You know that image of just gonna do my I love it my squats and when I do the bench press But how important is the cardio side? I mean, for my age,

Antonio Leal 20:08

you know, I look I look at the cardio side like and what I mostly do is walking my wife and I walk four to five kilometers a night. And that's what we're doing all through COVID I may do the bike for an hour, yes. level eight Skype, I don't kill myself on it, right, that's fine. So I measure my I say like, Okay, my body's like an old Ferrari. You know, you just want to go in the garage and just turn it on every once in a while and let the motor run Okay, you know, just just a little bit men shut her down. Okay, all right. But I you know, I know and understand that cardio at a higher level may let's say this factory, if I want to get to 18% I'm gonna, if I want to get to 18% body fat. That's my goal. Because I have a feeling that I'm going to be at 20% for a long time unless I crank it up. Tell me tell me that relationship of cardio or can I just maintain at my pace right now, continue to calorie deficit, top up my protein and go or how important is that cardio back right?

Becky 21:19

So if you want more if you're the person who just wants to maintain where you're at, continue doing what you're doing. If you come in here and you say to me I want to lose 10 pounds, I want to see my delts I want to see my six pack cardio will be essential. The best thing you can do our hit workout. So we will use the watches that they will track your calorie burn. So your Apple watch or your Fitbit things like this. Okay, so for a typical strength training class, you might burn so I'm not talking intense. I'm talking 20 pounds, 25 pound dumbbells for an hour. Shoulders, triceps, biceps, all of it. I will maybe burn 300 to 400 calories at most. I'm like working, I don't take breaks. So this is like the max. Now, if I were to do a hit workout, so hit will be something like let's say we're gonna do 10 bicep curls, and then we're gonna do 10 burpees. And we do that five times. And then we're going to do skipping, fast, fast, fast, fast, get your heart rate right up, and then you're going to do some shoulder press, whatever it is, that is going to increase your heart rate, it's going to increase your calorie burn. That class will get us closer to 600 calories in a combination of pumping, right? So you do a little bit of strength and cardio back to back. That's the highest calorie burn you can do rather than steady state cardio. So can you people taking the dance burns all 1000 calories it doesn't. It's steady state cardio, we do non stop for an hour. And again, we might hit 400 calories when you do the kangaroo yeah And now it's all dependent on your, your size of your body and our custom you are to fitness etc. There's, there's, you know, variables. But for me I know we've tested on many people in the gym hit is the highest calorie burn when you're burning more calories paired with your calorie deficit of your eating. So if you take that down a bit, and you increase your calorie burn in your class, or your workout, you will lose more fat, so more calories burned equals more fat loss. So try and implement a few hit workouts a week.

Antonio Leal 23:36

And that's, that's what you're saying in my regard would be the extra push on Yeah, get that 2% right.

Becky 23:42

So you want to get your heart rate up, and I have so over there you can see half of them but those books that are online, so I haven't got 5000 more of them and they're all handwritten workouts. So I stay up till 230 in the morning writing up workouts as I did when I was 12 with recipes. Now I have in my oldest daughter But they're all handwritten notes. We post them for free. So I would be happy to send you some that you could try at your home with your kettlebell. There are ones with outweight that you could just do bodyweight Yeah. And cardio, but those are the real like,

Antonio Leal 24:16

that's, you know what I just reminds you what I've read up on too And again, the YouTube school right? Fast cardio, like I said, fasting cardio aware. And for those that don't know, yeah, I feel honored that I know.

Becky 24:35

You wake up in the morning. No, no food, no, nothing. No water. No, no, it's your maybe water. Some coffee suck. No, some people it depends what you believe and I would never want to change what you believe. So for us, we do it fasting. So in the morning, all my workouts are facet, but I block coffee, water and my supplements. So it's no food, but I also My coffee is black. So I do okay. Yeah. So as far as I know, in my world cup black coffee, water and your vitamins, okay,

Antonio Leal 25:09

and the fasting cardio over the hit, that you were explaining what what is sort of your comparable on what would be more, right?

Becky 25:17

I wouldn't, I wouldn't say one is better than the other, I would put them together. So I would still do your fasted workouts and do the hits and do it. Every morning we do it well, and it's all about your mindset. So if you think I could never do that, you're probably right. You'll create that for yourself. Yeah, but if you say Hey, I'll give it a try. You might be surprised at what you can do.

Antonio Leal 25:41

Man, I asked you like that when you're at the top of your game when I've seen your posting of competition and modeling and you know, your six pack and the definition that you're showing. When you're at the top of the game. What's your body fat percentage?

Becky 25:55

Ah, well I have been as low as seven, eight percent Well, yeah, very low. Yeah. I love being lean. It's my favorite I maintain all year round. My six pack is available all year round. I feel best this way. And some people say I've had a lot of people say you cannot be healthy and stay at that weight. I don't agree. I have more energy in my little body than I know what to do. I sleep amazing. I feel great. I eat healthy. I listen to my body. And it says girl, like yeah, work.

Antonio Leal 26:32

So what do you maintain as it when you're down into that sort of competition by five or seven eight do you maintain?

Becky 26:38

Well, yeah, 10 right now yeah, maybe like 1112 somewhere in there. So I also enjoy red wine. So if I say so my eating is clean all year round. I don't include. I don't cook junk food. I don't do fast food. So all year round. my diet is super clean. But I do enjoy red wine when I'm about to Do a photoshoot probably next month or something like we're getting ready for Olympia or Arnold Classic, I will cut the line. That's pretty much all I have to do. Yeah. And it might be a month or two without redline. And all of a sudden, any little layer of fat that's there's gone, it's gone.

Antonio Leal 27:17

Again, another point that I'm seeing when you brought up the no alcohol when you're in your top level training. When I read up one of the reasons I wanted to get more depth meat, I wanted to get more definition. Yeah. And so obviously, I knew I had to lose your body fat. And I didn't want to lose muscle, you know, so I maintain the muscle workout with the high protein right on the macros. But I read if your intention is to try to define and bulk up a little bit as you're losing fat, which is hard to do, right. It's those opposites. It takes more time. You can do it. Yeah, but it takes more time. They said alcoholism. No, no Because it defeats the purpose of regenerating your muscles and right Am I right back?

Becky 28:06

Yeah, maybe, maybe understand for those that are, you know, taking the effort that are training so hard. Yeah, that's still say, I love that cold beer after a workout. It's also super easy for people to drink. And so you might be watching very closely to what you're eating and putting in your body that way. But calories in beverages are insane. And it's very easy to have three, four or five whatever beverages glass of wine, champagne, whatever, you're drinking coolers beer, and there is no possibility you could stay in a calorie deficit when you're drinking. No, no, it's really no Oh, you're starving or right or you might even sell you almost you're gonna get very fast. So there's that and also people have said the more they are drinking, the easier it is to Just start snacking on whatever foods in front of you, your inhibitions are lower. And you are just you forget about what's important to you. So you're just eating the cheese and the crackers and the salami, the olives. And yeah, so yeah, well

Antonio Leal 29:13

I find Do I have more control now? I mean, the mindset is there. Yeah. And even if it's at the table, I don't indulge, and where I would just demolish it, right. So that part I'm very happy for and it just makes you feel better at the end of the day that, you know, you take the time to take care of yourself. Like, you know, we've worked so hard, probably in different aspects of our lives. You know, what I really realized is that, you know, if you don't take the time to take care of yourself, nothing else will fit. You know, I want to be I wanted to be not that I'm not a good husband. I wanted to be a better HSP you know, not that I'm a bad father. I wanted to be a better father because I My work schedule was a 12 hours a day, 14 hours a day work. I could do that no problem. And I wouldn't do it because when work was calling, I was accountable. I was there. But what I didn't do Becky is I didn't take that time for me. Yeah, right, which was the physical fitness, the taking time to go out and get groceries have good food filter, you know, meal prep and getting things ready. And it changed me. Right. So that's why you're such an inspiration to me because I now understand what you had to go through to get at the level that you are. Yeah, right. In every every area. Yeah. And and here you are in New Tech. Right.

Becky 30:43


Antonio Leal 30:45

I wanted to bring up the news that everybody knows COVID Yes. You know, we all have a story with COVID. Right. But I now that I've seen the Babecave and your environment I almost think that this is almost a blessing of, you know of what came out of COVID. So, really interesting how something is so globally negative, enhances other areas of our lives and and journeys, right. So you've got this amazing studio here. You know, in such a beautiful setting COVID hits. How did that kind of change your life changed everybody's life, but I just want to hear sort of your story. Here you are, you know, in the fitness business, maybe you are more outside now I almost see that. It's all inside. Right. So how did everything work out for you and COVID

Becky 31:44

and it quite the question. I'm going to get through it. So for seven years since started the babe case, we never once canceled the class so ever, ever, ever. I've homeschooled our three daughters, and they would be home and I would say one morning I've been nauseous are not feeling well, or they were not well, and the class still ran, we always just did it. So it was hard when they first said, you have to close your studio. I was like, Oh my gosh, this is the first time I've ever had to cancel the statement. Yeah. So we, he said to everybody, I remember the night it was like everybody is here. And we said, Well, guys, I think this is it. Like we got to close up. And so we did. And the next morning, I was like, your whole life had been ripped out from under you because our life was coming. I was here to train. It was our kids lives. And so I said, I'm going to do a live video, I'm going to do a workout live. That was your disk that morning. The very next morning, I said, Well, I'm going to go live and if if two people want to join or if anyone wants to work with us, let's do that. So that first day, we had nine people join us, and it went from nine and we just kept doing it. So then we did it. twice today. Now the thing I love people don't know is we have very awful Wi Fi here in our area or for us. So we were turning on our cellular data. And we were using our data, which was costing us $15 per class to run. We didn't say anything. And then we're doing three a day at that time. And we were running out of our data. And we were topping up our data with hundreds of dollars just so we could provide free workouts for people. Because it was important. I was training with all these people, you can't just leave them now. You can't just hope that they're going to do it on their own. So we kept going, and that was March and then April, and the classes began to get 20 people 40 people, 60 people 100 people and then it was 500 800 1000 Wow. And mid mid May we hit two and a half thousand people training my thoughts. And it was incredible. And we started interacting with people from Australia to stop Arabia to all over the United States out Alaska and people were pouring their hearts hearts out saying how am I clear appreciate these workouts. Please don't stop. If COVID stops, please don't stop. I've lost 15 pounds I lost 20 pounds training with you. So many people, it was like, I'd stay up at night we'd be sitting around the couch as a family and I'm reading these stories to the girls and J and we're like, almost in tears. You know, it's so hurtful. Wow. Well, but there's something else I have to say that I haven't spoke about yet. Three days and self isolation. I got a call from my mom. And she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage three. And she she had to go to all her appointments on her own. She's eighty years old. And the reason I'm talking about it is because so many people are going through so much. And they use that as an excuse to not take care of themselves, and to not work out. One morning I came up to train to do a live class, and I couldn't even speak without crying. Nobody knew it. So I face the mirror and my oldest daughter who's 17. She knew and she just took over. And I was like, how am I gonna do this? How am I going to continue teaching? When I think about it, my mom and I realize you can take that pain and you can turn it into power. And all of a sudden, you stand with your shoulders back and you do it for your mom. Because you remember whose daughter you are, and you're just sick. And so I did. So her pictures up at the front. And every class is for her now. But the good news is the chemo is helping and the tumor is shrinking. And she's, you know, doing the best she can. So a lot of people don't even know that they walked in, they do the classes and they think life is perfect. You know, and you just, Oh, you don't have the problems we do. Trust me, we all have problems, but it's how you react to it. So you take up your pain, whatever you're going through financial, health wise, whatever it is, and you turn that pain into power, and you use it to become stronger and healthier. And that way, you're better able to take care of the people that you love.

Antonio Leal 36:56

that's a that's a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing that with everyone Becky is just another example of who you are. And it's, it's, it's very deep. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that.

We're getting towards the end of the podcast and I wanted to bring up the kangaroo cane canggu sessions and those and I almost want to try it Why don't you shy? Yeah, I will one day I will but you want to get that cardio? Yeah, I did that cardio. But it looks so fun. It you know, these ski boots with bumpers on and popping around. You got great music on and everybody's and I how do you how do you get everybody on the same dance moves? Like do you train them? What do you do? Like how? How do you get it everybody's in sync and they're you're kicking your legs and your arms and it's not like a chorus. You know,

Becky 37:56

Antonio, how do you get better at anything in life practice Practice, practice work hard. Yeah. But it comes down to your mindset of wanting to learn, right? So if you come in here with the attitude of I can't do it. Yeah, again, you're not going to be able to do it. But if you come in here saying, I am going to get this, I'm going to learn this. You will at any age, we've had men and women, like I said, up to 70 in there seven, oh,

Antonio Leal 38:21

yes, oh, Manny,

Becky 38:23

and from all around the world, also that have purchased boots over COVID time because they couldn't go to their gym. So now they're out for a run and it's following our videos. So the cool thing about kangaroo jumps. Number One reason that people love them is because they reduce the impact from your joints. So if you're someone who has had joint problems, if you've had arthritis or knee pain or your lower back or your hips, if you've had any kind of issues, they were designed for rehabilitation, so they take 80% of the impact off of your joints. Okay, so somebody who has arthritis Can I say I wish I could run like I used to you can I run these I prefer them for running because I'm almost 40. My mom and dad both had knee replacements, hip replacements and it's in our genes in our joints. So I love running in these as opposed to running shoes because I have zero joint pain. My hips don't hurt, my knees don't hurt. So I'm training in these two to three hours a day with zero joint pain.

Antonio Leal 39:27

Wow. So that that was so effective. I'm Jim and I go on the treadmill. Just take the treadmill out of it. Yeah, take that pounding out. Right. And this is the cushion, right of support, right.

Becky 39:41

And then because they're a little bit heavier, they are burn, they're going to help you burn 25% more calories. So picture every time you do a leg lift or a crunch or any kind of standing jumping jacks. You now have the weight on your feet. So you're building that strong core Also you're improving your balance because naturally the boots want to wobble. So you have to improve your core, your strength, your all of it lower back. A lot of people come in and they hold on to the wall at the beginning and they put them on there. Oh my goodness. But by the end of that first class there already, they've got it. And the more classes they attend, the better they get.

Antonio Leal 40:23

And I and I imagine be fun because when the way it's choreographed, I'm sure you you know, you're you're you're burning calories and having fun, listen to music, and trying to groove on your dance steps together, like you're in a Broadway show. Just amazing.

Becky 40:38

And it's so much about your mind again, and like you were saying and proving that mental health. It's not just like you're on a treadmill and you're bored. You You have to keep up and go, Oh, yeah, it's four Jacks next, like I'm gonna yell the move, but you're already preparing in your mind. I know this song and it has 16 jumping jacks, and you You're already there. So you're preparing it and your mind is in. If you start thinking about other things, if you start thinking of the problems in your life, you won't be able to keep up. You have to take your mind and turn off all the stuff back here and turn it on. And for one hour, your focus is here, which I love taking care of yourself. Yeah. Right. And you have fun. So you get the energy of those around you. So they're smiling and beaming and your favorite song, like, come on. Yeah, you know, like, we will rock you. We Yeah, I know. It just so motivated. And that song goes on and you feel you hear the 50 people like, Oh my god, I forgot my arms right from my legs all over and you can see other people. They're all they're all into it.

Antonio Leal 41:48

And thank you, for those who don't know, like if someone wanted to join a class, right? They're like a membership for here or how does it work? Someone wants to I'm interested Did I want to give it a try? Yeah. How is your setup? Right for those that would love to test it, try it.

Becky 42:08

So right now with COVID It's a bit different. We have to sign up you'll see there's x's on the floor to keep social distancing. Up until this year, we have never had signup so as many people that wanted to come we made room. We have expanded the babe cave three times. That is a crazy story. Some people know some people don't. Before the gym started, before I started the babe cave. Jay and I went and we save every penny we could. We had three little babies, we were in our 20s and we saved and scrimped and saved. And then we had planned to sell our home with our home up for sale. We found this property in Everett and we said we're gonna buy it. We are saving a down payment on this home and I'll be able to open a studio in the basement. That way I can still homeschool. Well, the house wasn't selling our own home was Selling. We were feeling a little bit defeated, a little bit discouraged, and someone came to us with a business opportunity to invest. And they said, If you give us that money, we are going to double it within just a couple of months and you'll have all this money to put into your new home. Now keep in mind, we're in our 20s and we are, we are naive. So we gave all of our money into this business proposition and we lost every cent every single set. So we put our house them actually got an offer and it sold. The builder was very patient with us and he said, you can pay me as we go pay me a little bit as you as you have it, you can pay me and I'm the type of person I don't like to own people. I want to give you what I owe you. So my mind as I yours is to get thinking you're like what can I do? What can I do? So one morning, I'm pushing the stroller and I have our two little girls walking beside the baby. And it was this Tuesday morning. And we're walking and all of a sudden I'm seeing recycled them after recycle them filled, fill filled with beer cans, beer bottles, wine bottles, alcohol bottles, and my mind when things and I went home and we got a garbage bag, and we started collecting all the beer bottles and wine bottles and cans, and my little two helpers, were helping me and we drag that bag back home. And that night, we only had one vehicle. So that night, my husband, I told him what I did, and he's like, oh, my goodness, okay. He never shot me down. He's never discouraged me, he's always supportive. So I took the car and I took the beer bottles in and I returned them and we made $40. And I thought, if I started earlier, I could get more, I could get a wider range of, of neighborhoods. So the next the next week, I went out at 6am The kids were up early anyway. So we packed them up and I got like three neighborhoods and I returned them that night and we got like $75. This is another thing I wanted to talk to you about. People started hearing what I was doing, and they were watching and they were seeing my husband's grandparents heard. And instead of discouraging me or saying, Here's $500, don't do that. They said, We have an old van parked on our property, and we were happy to give it to you. No one's using it. And so I have a bad room because your room, so I was able to put the kids into the van and we would drive around for a few hours. And we were getting like two $300 in one, one morning. And what I learned from that, first of all, is that instead of just giving people instead of just giving your kids instead of just giving people the answer, give them a tool to enable them to do it on their own. Then they will learn and they will be grateful and more appreciative. And number two, the other thing that came out of that experience was some people were judgmental, and some people would look down on you. And then there were others who would pack up the boxes of beer bottles. And instead of putting it in the recycling bin, they would bring them out for me and put them in. Yeah,

Antonio Leal 46:28

well, you know, Becky, I can see the emotion and in telling your story, and I didn't expect this in my podcast. But again, I knew I had the right person to bring into the podcast because I sensed it just from your your videos and what you're doing this survival technique that you have, with a little flavor of entrepreneurial ism, you know, you know in us well, right, so just really something I you know, and we're coming At the end of the podcast here and and oh, I did want to ask you but Arnie, oh my goodness, like I saw Arnie like I've seen some of these motivational man out of here like here. So obviously I don't know if it's a conference or what it is Mr. Olympia or what attending but did you get a chance to speak to him and a little bit and I would have I would have held on to let him go.

Becky 47:26

So this is an incredible, I'll try to be as quick as I can. But so when I started the bave cave, I knew there was going to be a lot of ups and downs, the financial thing and just everything. Within a couple months of being in our studio, in our new home after getting it built. People started complaining on our street and the town came and told us we had to move. They said to either it's a cease and desist. I just got rolling. So anyways, we ended up buying this property and building here so many hardships, so many frustrating times and every time we have the choice of either Like closing and giving up or picking up and trying again. And the reason I did that was always because Arnold, I read his stories, I read his books, his motivational quotes, his speeches, they were all about. Dig deeper, fight harder. Don't make an excuse. If you want it bad enough, go get it. If you have that vision in your mind, then go get it. So here's the crazy thing. I'm I'm like, super motivated by him. And I become sponsored with Magnum. They're amazing. So for the first year, I remember being at the Magnum booth at the Arnold Classic. And Arnold does his walk around the whole Expo. And he walked past I was like, Oh my goodness, he's right there. I was like, Well anyways, a year passes. And Marcus Collis owner of Magnum said I know how much you look up to him up to or not have tickets for a luncheon with our note that I'm happy to give to you. He says I won't be able to attend, I have to fly back to BC you can have them. Oh my goodness, this is gonna be incredible. I'm looking forward to this whole thing. So the day comes, we're at the Expo, it's a Sunday morning, I've got my tickets, and I go over to where I'm supposed to be. And I get there. And it's actually a they interview all the bodybuilding greats from the 70s. So they're all there and Arnold's up there and it was insane. I'm like taking selfies and that's what my tickets were actually for. So I had been given the wrong ticket. So I sat there and again, I have my boots on, and I'm trying to be quiet creeping up to the front of the stage, you know, and because they're all the seating was taken, so I'm sitting there quietly listening, and then they whisk Arnold off and I'm supposed to be at that luncheon So, I this is where the crazy story is crazy. I'm walking back and forth trying to find where's this lunch? And where did Arnold go supposed to be there? This is my chance. And I can't find it. I'm asking guards, I'm asking anyone who works there. Do you know where the luncheon is? No, no, no, no, no, every door is closed in my face. So I'm feeling defeated again. And I decided that I should just go back to the booth. Forget about it. So I get back on the escalator. And I'm walking through the building. And all of a sudden, my mind goes, What are you doing? You did not come this far to only come this far. Get back up there. So I turned around, go back up the escalator in my kangaroo jumps, looking for any clue, any tip. And I see these two men, and they have a map and they have this big poster. And I went over to them and I said, Do you guys happen to know any chance where the luncheon is with Arno? And they go Yeah, we're going there right now. Come with us. So we go I'm running because they're running. We're gonna be late. So they're running. I mean, I jumped. We crossed two hallways, up escalators, through doors into the hotel across the street down an elevator. There it is the doors, and I can see Arnold, and I'm there but I don't have the right ticket. So I say the lady say the two men go in. She goes, where's your tickets? And I said, I don't have them. They gave me these are the wrong tickets and Marcus has gotten home already. But I'm supposed to be in there. Okay, let me just check. She comes back and she says, okay, you can go in. She goes, but hurry because he's almost done taking photos with with fans. So I go in and he just finishes as I come in there. I'm like, Oh, so close again. So he's now getting his food and you're not supposed to interrupt him while he's eating. So I just they said, the security guards are now on my side. They've seen me the entire time like trying to get to him and they're like, just get a plate of food. Go sit down. You'll get your chance we promise. Like, okay, so I get a plate of food. I'm not hungry at all. I sit down to tables away from Arnold. So the whole entire timeline set up for you. So people were laughing at me because they could tell that I was very giddy. And then he goes up on stage and he's giving these really motivational speeches. And it was amazing and listening and a man comes over and he's asking me about my boots. And the last thing on my mind right now is is talking about my book, you or your kangaroo? Yes. into the luncheon? Yes, because my mind was not focused at all on anything other than getting in there. So I'm in a sports bra, my leggings and my boots. So now I'm at the luncheon, and this man comes up and he's like, Hey, can I talk to you about your boots? Can I interview about the boots and I'm like, okay, fine soon, but I'm here. I want to meet Arnold. And he goes well, I Really want to talk to what can I interview? Instead of just like, like this, you know? And so he said after Arnold speaking I'm going to come interview so he comes up to me after taps me on the shoulder. Arnold is coming off the stage. They're about to whisk him away again. I'm like, oh, my goodness, this man taps me on the shoulder and he goes, can I interview you now? And I said, I am here to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger. And he grabs me, so let's go meet them. And he took me right up to Arnold. And he goes, Arnold, this is Becky overbeck. And Arnold, he takes his hands and he puts them on my waist my time I and because what's your name? And I told him, and he goes, your abs are amazing. So in the meantime, the guy who brought me over has my phone, and he's videoing it. So I'm like, Oh my gosh, so Arnold's talking and he's, like, so invested have a one on one. Yeah, it's just him and I were talking, I was holding my tummy and we get a picture and Lola. After we're done, I get my phone back from the gentleman Bert Martinez. Who is he in? What's the word? He helps me meet Arnold. He hands my phone back. He forgot to craft your court. Oh, no. So you didn't get any video? No. And I was like, thanks a lot. But anyways, I still love you. But long story short that was an amazing moment and another experience of like if you don't give up if you just keep trying just keep trying and I have my picture up there are an art as a constant posting that's just awesome. So where it gets even better is that this Arnold Classic. We have just been told that the Arnold was canceled. Yeah, wait for the story. Arnold's been cancelled. None of the Magnum people are going none. Nobody's going. But I knew Arnold was still going and we have purchased tickets to be at this after school all stars event where the money goes to charity. So my husband and I said, Well, let's do Go, you know, let's still go. Why not get a hotel? We'll see what's there. We get there and the owner of Magnum and the owner of status Fitness magazine, who we've shopped with before. They said we have a favor that we need you to do for us. Okay, what is it? We need you to present awards onstage with Arnold Schwartz.

Antonio Leal 55:22

Oh no. Oh my goodness.

Becky 55:25

Wow. They're like do you have a dress? Yeah, so here I am. On stage now Arnold is there I'm here and I've got these awards like these massive beautiful Arnold statues and awards to hand out to the bodybuilders who competed I and every time I walk out they're going back you over back from Magnum nutraceutical, and I thought it was so cool. I know. I thought it was gonna be one time I thought I would go out. So the second night, the same thing they said we need you up there again. There's Arnold and there's me and insane. We go to the All Star doctor school event. We're sitting at the same table now. Well, I have pictures of Arnold and I like a foot apart from each other at the same table. If you don't believe that dreams come true, and that what you envision in your mind can become a reality. Oh my goodness, I will never doubt it for a moment in my life that what you focus on becomes your reality. I went from looking up and idolizing Arnold to sitting at the same table with him.

Antonio Leal 56:34

What a story that's incredible. Yeah, that's awesome. Wow, these stories get better and better. Becky, I'm just hanging out and the stories are getting better and better. By the way, this is the I've always had an intention to video. The portion of my podcast. This is Becky's idea. Yeah, come in. I come into the babe cave and she goes we're videoing. I said Why? Why? So Thank you, Becky, for this idea means it's the first and I hope that TNT weekly can get into that video format more often because I think it just adds an element to to do it well. See, that's what I love about this girl. Well, no, it's been a great I've had so much fun Becky getting to know you a little bit more, a lot more, you know, and I'm so happy that you gave me your time today. You're such an inspiration. TMT weekly, new tech, wake up. We have this talent and you know, Becky overbeck right here in New Tech. I mean, she should be in downtown Toronto or New York with this type of passion and vision that she has and we have a right here in in our own backyard. So, you know, I'm gonna leave the last words to you Baqi but for me, I'll tell everybody out there You can be whoever you want to be at any point of time in your life doesn't matter how old you are. It doesn't matter if you think you've lost it. And you're overweight, you can make a change any time, any minute of your life. And I'm Listen, I turned 60 in March. If I can do it, you can do it. If you're 6055 and you think that you fell off the carton, there's no use getting back. Let me tell you, please do it. And Becky, here is an inspiration for that model in the way she's dealt with her challenges in her life and brought herself to this plateau of physical fitness right here in our backyard. So, Becky, last words.

Becky 58:50

Well, thank you, first of all for having me. Thank you for inviting me. This is probably one of my first podcasts as well. And you're doing an amazing job. Oh, thanks. Thank you having fun Yeah, suck. promoting health and fitness and all things positive. And yes, just as Antonio said, anyone from anywhere can do anything, it's up to you to set a goal, to believe in yourself to put in the action and then achieve it. And this is my goal book that I've had for years. And it says it dream it, believe it and achieve it because you can you can achieve anything you want. Anything.

Antonio Leal 59:27

Over no man, pretend pretend you know what I wanted to do. I want to do that on why my name is Antonio, your name is Becky and we want to pump you up. Hello. I'm Antonio Leal, and I am Becky and we want to pump you up !!!

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