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Episode #10 The Mayor........An Interview with Rick Milne #tntweekly#podcast#alliston#newtecumseth

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welcome new tech What's up? How you doing today? Episode 10 Episode 10 I can't believe it. Thank you for continuing to listen, and really, really pleased to be in the offices of el mejor lm re, l FA the big boss, the chief, the mayor and command the honorable Mr. Rick Nolan. How you doing, Rick?

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Great. Thanks, Tony. feel it's an honor and a privilege that you would take the time out to interview me and because I have been listened to your past, you've had some fantastic speakers. And I know I'll have a challenge to try to come across the way they did in yours. And looking forward to it.

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Yeah, well, no, no problem at all. Rick, really awesome to have you. I'm honored to have you on the show. So it's really, really great. And, you know, hopefully we'll continue to my goals are to inform new tech of what a beautiful community This is, and continue that path because New Tech has been so good to me. But Rick, you know, your soul recognized You're so well known for your career in politics here as the mayor of New Tech. But you know, for the new residents that have come into this community and don't know you, I know you have a real real, you know, wonderful career path of different careers before politics and some business Isn't there too, maybe could you give sort of a background on who Rick Nolan is and, and growing up in this community and a little bit about you and how you got here to the mayor's seat?

Rick Milne 2:12

Well, thank you, Tony. I try and make a brief. I am 73 years of age and I've been here in New Tecumseh Rouse in this area. For the last 63 years. I was born and raised. And in here I was born at Steve's Memorial Hospital. And I attended schools that had the little one room with eight grades at Meadowbrook SS number two, and a attended Vandy Memorial High School and got my education there. I proceeded on to the City of Toronto and I started working for an Ontario stock cars because of my farming background. And a chance came up for they were looking for an auctioneer. They were willing to company has worked very willing to send me down to the States. That was the only place you could get your licenses and snare. And I approached my boss who was a real gentleman, and I told him, I would really love to do that. But in the meantime, I had applied to several police departments. And I'd get an interview from the Toronto Police and also from the Ontario Provincial Police and the Toronto Police came through and said I had the job so I was kind of in a predicament Tony, I didn't know whether to go on and take an auctioneering course per se with the police. So I went to the boss the gentleman and told him that he says if he was here, if I my shoes, he said I would take the police because everything in auctioneer depends on your voice. So speed things up by came a police officer in Toronto for eight years. I have moved back out and they had their own police force. I became the Staff Sergeant up here and started many programs in the schools. My passion has always been youth and anything I can do for the youth. I supported 100%. And I got into politics approximately 30 some years ago and I left police and I became a paramedic and went back to school and became a paramedic. And loved that job I really love. I have a real passion for for caring for people and that and that it is brought through from my genes from my mother and her entire family because my mother worked in nursing homes and was always there for for the seniors. Over the court, I had a bit of an itch for her to get into private business. So I started up a water business and I sold water and I had four trucks on the road. And I got into because I owned a family campgrounds. It was called Middleburg camp back then He got into the sewage business, which is kind of a stinky job but and I bought the equipment and people then started, phoning me asked me what I do. There's. So I was very smart became very successful at end up selling both business. And at the same time, I was still working on the police force. And yes, I was still working for the police force. And I got into politics when I left the police force. And I ran for mayor against the gentleman who was had been married here for 20 some years and they are good gentlemen. And but I just thought that we needed some youth and young people. And I was very successful. I only bought one by 100 votes and and so that was my career in politics, and has continued now for 30 years.

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Wow, that's an amazing background wreck. I remember, you had mentioned to me and you're bringing up You know, your appreciation for youth and everything. And I remember one comment that you had made to me that really stands out with your, with your career path. And when you were with the police force here locally analysis in that you recall, you know, at that time in that era, when, you know, youth was in trouble, whatever, you know, us a police officer had many dealings and you know, sending them home and just dealing with them in that way small town fabric. What you did and what really stood out to me is that, you know, when your journey into politics came about these children or these youth that you took care of as mentorship in the police force, right. Actually, were out there supporting you, right, and they were it's sort of like a generation that you were overseeing through a police entity, and all of a sudden your transition and apologize All of a sudden, these people were the ones that really knew you from that past, and really could speak highly about you. So it's just stood out to me what you said about your youth.

Rick Milne 7:11

Yeah. And just to tag along with that.

The youth back then became adults, and they had children, and their children now is growing up and, and they'll call me, Mr. Millan, and it's got to the point now, so yeah, I'm very sorry. I forget who you are. Well, my dad was so on. So yeah, remember, you gave him a ride home instead of putting them in jail one night? Yeah, I don't remember but, but I do believe that good app.

Antonio Leal 7:40

Yeah, that's amazing. And that's what you know, just keeps me so fixated on how beautiful and what a community This is. It's just so tied with that type of fabric. Alright, man, you know everything from the foundations of the generations of business people in this community, and I haven't read All of them. I'm just sort of touching them now as I speak to them in the podcast. But it's just amazing how tight this community is, right? It's just years and years of it's a privilege to be in this community. But I'm only been here 10 years. I'm understanding the fabric. It's really tight in here, Eric.

Rick Milne 8:16

It is. It's an old farming community. And back then farmers everything was done with a shake of the hand and there was no such thing as his contracts and all that. You said you were going to do something you would do it. Yeah. If you're going to pay for something you would pay for it. But the generosity of this community is unbelievable. You see what with our hospital now the amount of money that has been raised through the community, that Matthew house is another example where people have raised a lot of money. I know there's a gentleman we both on here friends of ours, friends of us is Mark Chandler mean, what he has done for this community in the Matthew house in that is unbelievable. And a great friend. And I know, Marv is, is has been very well off financially. He's done really well with all this business, but he's still just a common person out there still has time to talk to his coffee with you. And he is and he's a bit of a joker too. So you and I, we've, we've been very fortunate. We've met a lot of great people, that has done a lot for the community, and not you know, it doesn't have to be financially volunteerism, you know, and I know, people have volunteered, like, I ran the potato festival for a lot of years now. And the number of volunteers that that stuck with me for a lot of years. And just to see, just to see how, how the community came together, and doesn't matter if you were an urban aid or you're off the farm and not everybody worked together.

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Yeah, no, amazing. You brought up Marvin, I was gonna bring that up. I mean, for you, listeners. out there that don't know Rick outside of the mayorship. Rick is a is quite a practical joker and that's right up my alley. So we've had a lot of fun times together and some practical jokes moving forward but in regards to mark Chandler is and if you don't know Marv, as Rick was saying, quite a philanthropist and he's given so much to this community and the driving force behind Matthew's house and you know, a wonderful wonderful guy and I know better episodes down the road you're like you're gonna have I'm gonna have to I know you just can't avoid it as name just gets brought up all the time. But in that practical joking ness we you know, through several and many lunches together as Rick was saying, just a great guy to have a coffee with and lunch with Well, you know, Rick always has a way with you always have a way of, you know, practical jokes and we do that with our friends and we seem to do it together. You know if we didn't but Marv, there's there's a couple of them with Marvin, we had a lunch over at taros we were eating lunch quite a bit with Betsy and and Constantine over at the Tara Greek house on Victoria. And Marv would join us quite a few times. And there was one lunch where, you know, Mario was talking about, you know, outside of his generosity is a sharp businessman. He was talking about an investment in a racetrack, right, in New Jersey or right down in New Jersey. Yeah. And, you know, I mean, this type of business between Rick and I, as you know, is at another level, and you know, so we're just looking at Marvin going Oh, yeah. Okay, another racetrack in your portfolio. Okay, Mark, you know, that's great, right. So, the next day or a few days later, Rick gives me a call and he's laughing Rick's laughing Tony, guess what? I just spoke tomorrow. Oh, yeah. What's going on? So no, nothing. You can't believe what I told him. You know, he just couldn't believe I see. said that what what would you say? Well, he was saying he was downtown Toronto with the bank and you know, I'm sure it was for that racetrack. He's buying. And I just told him that if he had any trouble getting money that you and I would sign a guarantees.

Rick Milne 12:14

Marv said, What?

What are you talking about? What

was so funny?

Antonio Leal 12:20

Another one that I'd love since we're on the topic with Marvin at the same restaurant. You know, we wanted to pump Marv and Marv isn't really into believing the tea leaves and the coffee grinds and every time we go over the bed sees Betsy and Constantine would be in this cup with the coffee grinds and reading our future and our fortune and things like that. Right. So we'd mentioned it to Marvin, you know, Marv said yeah, I don't believe in that stuff. I don't believe in that stuff. So we lined up another lunch but in advance, Rick and I planned out this Okay, let's get Constantine and Betsy to read it. This coffee grind stuff in a coffee cup. All right, let me go to his wife, Moira. Find out something that absolutely he would be in shock that we would know. All right, so Moira gives me this story about a plane ride that Marv had taken. And if Marv yes is a plane enthusiast and pilot about setting up his friend with this gorgeous, beautiful, copilot woman, right? And I think the copilot woman wanted nothing to do with my nerves friend, no. But Marv was supposed to try to set them up. So they were in a plane ride, maybe from here to Florida or wherever. So they had lots of time to try to work it out. And Mark's job was Mark's job was to set this up and try to get them together. Right, you know, sorry. So that was the story that we told Betsy, and you Betsy when you do this coffee grinding repeat this story and just emphasize a little bit so there we were, he starts it and Mark goes What are you going to do? I don't do this stuff guys like leave me alone like no no Marv, listen, we have to read she asked her she's amazing right so Betsy it's in this story reading the cheap the the grinds in the coffee and brings up a friend, friend with the characteristics. So the gentleman I think it was balding, grayish hair a little older, heavy, you know, bringing up the plane, bringing up travel. And this beautiful woman flying this plane and Marv was ignoring everything. But as that story has got more and more, he would kind of give us leaning into it, you know, and by the time it got to the end of it, and he was leaning more and more, we couldn't keep it together. And we just cracked it right up at that time. Right? And then we told them, you know, more or more, I gave us some insight info, and I think he called more dropping goes yeah, I just got pumped. Thank you very much. Right, you know, but that was hilarious. Right?

Rick Milne 15:08

It was great.

Antonio Leal 15:08

Yeah. So that's the practical joke inside of, of Rick and, you know, some funds that we have with our good friends here in town. Yeah, you know, one of authority that I got to share with you,

Rick Milne 15:20

everybody, you'll touch me on a pedestal and which I, I shouldn't be on any pedis off just as good as everybody else. But my mother was very proud of me, especially as I when I left home, I became a police officer and, and I had sown some wild oats around the community before I left, and my mother was walking down the main street and Allison one day and she meant to have her lady friends coming the other way and, and they were talking and the one lady friend said, Sir, what's your son rectum these days March. And my mother very proud of suppose her head up and your shoulders back? Oh, he's a policeman. And then Another woman says policeman, I thought he'd be in jail by now. She never spoke to that one for many, many years. But that's no, that's what we were back in those days. You said it as it was and, and I have the greatest respect for, for the youth and also for the seniors. And I do I try to do a lot of things for

Antonio Leal 16:23

Well, I know that firsthand, and I and I will bring up a story a little bit later about my son, but I just wanted to tell the listeners, you know how I met you. And I came into Allison 10 years ago, with a mission to provide adult lifestyle Community Living Yeah, canes mirror, and you know, not to get too deep and delve into the story from there. It was the leadership role for the millpond Medical Center here in Allison, which you know, is the flagship of medical care I feel in this community. And but in meeting you at the beginning, you know, I think you were the deputy All right and I was reaching out to you and and persistent and you know that I did that's what I did right as I know I'm gonna reach this guy till he calls me back and you did call me back and you know you were very helpful in my deputation and sort of launching this flagship that we had for downtown Alison but in that time getting to know you, you know, I wanted you to meet my my mom and my dad because as you're speaking about your family, my background I mean, my dad in the business sense and entrepreneurial sense. He was everything to me like he's what you know, he's what really set the foundation on track for me in that area and my mom, as any wonderful mom, she was that inspiration and pillar on one side, but I wanted you to meet them and for my dad's 80th birthday, I invited you and ever over to my place, right so and, you know, like my like we are my dad's a joker as well. Like he has a real Good sensitive. And so I was really proud to, you know, have you over and invite you and I was proud to show my parents of the routes I was planting in Allison and, you know, this is the deputy mayor and, you know, I'm going to be doing a Med Center and I was just very proud, like, you know, because I left a family business back in Ottawa, that again, is for another show. Yeah, you know, but it was a tough grind but you know, this community welcome in and it was building up so I had you over and, you know, we got into different topics and, you know, a couple of glasses of wine going on and, and the topic of religion came up, you know, we can have what, how many days left in the year we could have a podcast each day on religion and you'll never we'll never know the answer, right. But you know, we're Catholic, you know, and being Spanish born in Spain. That is the basis of our religion and and believe in the faith, but you My dad has a little bit of an edge when it comes to religion. So, you know, and my dad will be a little bit more vocal after a couple of glasses of wine on religion, right? So here we are, you know, cozy together and talking about religion and he goes, You know, I hated that, you know, this is where the Spanish I gotta tell you something, you know, because me and my wife when we were young, you know, and in Medina in Spain, you know, all Yeah, we go to the church, but you know, if I hold on to my hand her hand, I go to confession and the police you know, I hold on to her hand to me that tell me something this connected with the police or somebody you know, because every time I do something wrong, the presto is no, you know, so anyways, my wife she believe all of that stuff, but me a little less and even more. I remember when I was young My mother and my father, you know, go to covadonga you know, and in the pond, you know, they would throw their money into the pond, you know, for blessings or wishes or all that stuff. And Rick, like he does remember for the rest of my life is that he just

in without rake, and they make all that money away, and nothing changed. Nothing to change. Oh, yeah over there. Then my mom would say, Oh, shut up, you silly. Oh, shut up and you know, what are you talking about? Right? So that was hilarious. It was hilarious night there. Yeah, you'd bring that up and every time dad's gone now, but, you know, I remember the last potato fest I see you and the car was going by and I'm beyond I'm I'm waving to you and and you look back you see me and all you do is the hand motion of we I knew what you were talking about. Right? You know, God bless dad right you know in that rate, so the That was really, really great. But, you know, I I'm gonna lead into your generosity, your generosity as a human being not only with your time. You mentioned a bit about youth and I want to I want to share a story here at last year's potato Was it the year before? I'm not sure. But, you know, Rick's always running around in his golf cart and just checking things out at the potato fest and, you know, My son was there with his good buddy max. And boom, all of a sudden we got a call from Diego, and he's in a panic. He goes, Dad, Mum, you know, Rick melon came by on a golf cart. And I said, Yeah, okay. And he just gave me $40. You know, he, he asked me what I was doing. I told them we were leaving, because we ran out of money. And he gave me $40. Please, I didn't ask him. I did not ask them for this money. I did not ask Hold on, we believe you, we believe you and everything. So, you know, they stayed around for another few hours at the fairgrounds. And that was just Rick man that this is what Rick does our mayor man, so, you know, my son got back home. And next morning I get up as a boy, it was really generous of you, uh, you know, receiving that money, generous of Rick and everything. And I said, so what do you think you should do now? You know? And he goes, What do you mean that I said, Well, he gave you the money. What do you think you should do? And he asked me, and he looked at me mean, should I pay him back? And I said, Well, you have allowance, don't you? Yeah, I do with my allowance, pay him back. I said, should you pay him back? And he said, I guess I should. And I said, Yeah, and you should thank them too. So my son, put together a card, and you know, beautiful guy. And he wrote to you and you know, as a little one would do. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. And I think he wrote on the on the on the bottom, my dad said I had to give you $40 Yeah. But it wasn't quite that way. No make his own decision. Right. And and then what you did in return, you know, was, you know, you you mailed it a letter to him. mm right. And then the letter, you know, like the mayoral letter and everything, like we have it framed and it's in his room. And it said, You know, I don't remember the exact words but it was, it was thank you very much we understand, you know, your thoughts into this and we appreciate it and the recognition, etc. And for this, we'd like to have you at the front of the rodeo. Yeah, right to set the rodeo with those awards or something in the letter. Right. And he looked at that and I think, you know, you said that you love your youth and and and you want to generate more for the youth in our community. I think that Rick that that's an example right there, buddy. Yeah.

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Rick Milne 24:01

It gave me a great feeling when I got a letter back from him. Thank him. Not smart. I mean, money is money, you know, 40 bucks. There's nothing really yeah. But I think what it built was character in Diego, and the fact that if somebody gives you something, in return, you have to pay back. And so if we all give something to somebody, yeah, it'll make it a better community. And that's what and and the youth today are so honest and, and smart. They're very smart, very intelligent people. And, and as I said, earlier, you know, I'm 73, and it's a youth that's going to be taking care of me, and not that many years down the road. And so I want to get the best that the US could give. And one of the things is, as I, as you've mentioned, claim and run out a rodeo and have the money from the rodeo that I make from the rodeo. Council has agreed that we would give a $2,000 bursaries to any student that's going to either college university or trade school. And it's been This is our fifth year last night at Council. We gave them the money. And that's been a real success that plan. Also, we started up a youth program under comes for bt was the Banting students and so money was given to contribute in his group to get that committee going back. And so two years ago, it was like a hot summer we have here and council agreed to allow me to spend money and put three water setia splash pads in these community and and the money format came from the rodeo. So everything that we do, we raise money. rodeo goes back to the youth that's part of that. And all of it does Rick like, you don't piece it out anywhere else, it all goes to you. So I'll go to you. So we're going to miss, you know, events like that this year due to the weather and everything like everybody is right man trying to find ways and how to raise money and doing it. Definitely it'll be really missed because that was a great event. Because of our staff. Like I don't even I don't even touch them. I don't know. But I know how much Yeah, our staff is. has thought far enough ahead. That we could still give out close to $24,000. Again, this year, even though we didn't have a rodeo so your staff has contributed know the staff has handled the finances to allow us to fill gaps.

Antonio Leal 26:50

Wow, great. I know that that Yeah.

Rick Milne 26:52

I've got a great great. We've had great staff here in the tournament.

Antonio Leal 26:57

Well speaking a great staff. I Want to give a plug as well? And you know, and and you know all about it. Rick our journey is we're bringing together the millpond Medical Center here for Allison. But you know when I when I came into the community and was offered to lead that project Yes, right. All I heard out there when I was going around engineers and and getting my tendering out for, you know, the site plan application all I heard out there was just, oh, be careful. town, a new tech, hard to deal with man. Be careful out there. So, again, being new in the community, I said, Okay, all right. I'll see what's going on. And you know, but you know, I had nothing but praise to say, for your planning department, your building department. They were wonderful from the get go rig battery amazing. My Kip amazing. The community grant process with Derek Abbott's, you know, Darren, and john was it on the lawn john over at the building department, john Miller, you know, these guys were amazing. And you know, I recall once coming in for questions with Mike IP, up on the second floor, just question I brought my son with me because I wanted to introduce my son to Mike. And there was one bozo that was there, right? chewing out Mike, like just chewing them out, like, you know, right? No, don't no regard for me and my son just chilling them out. You know, you guys are this and you said that the typical blah blah, blah that you hear, right? no real need for that. Right. And I felt so bad for Mike, you know. And so then they left and fluffin I emailed back to Mike and I said, Mike, listen, I'm so sorry. You went through that, like, you know, it's just real people don't have to act that way. Right. You didn't deserve that. And Mike's response was, you know, Tony, that happens in my business, right? Yes. And I learned how to take it and I Learn how to deal with it. What upset me most is that your son was there to listen to us? That's what my kid told me is that, you know, so, you know, you have a great team as far as my experiences all I can say out there and amazing team that supported me. 100%. And yeah, you know, they have a barrier to deal with, they have guidelines, they're working out of a box, right? And that's just the way they are right, and they have to deal and and respect their job and respect their position. And I respect that as well. And I respect them, but in turn, they respected me. And they understood where I work

Rick Milne 29:36

with you work with our bylaw officers to Yeah, yeah. People have a very negative thought about bylaw officers out there. And

Antonio Leal 29:46

just got to follow the rules, man and just treat people with respect, you know, I you know, and and some people just fly off the cuff and, you know, it's just not the way I deal with people Rick, you know, and so you know, all I can say You have a great town and they have a bit of a sense of humor. I have a little story about your guy. Yes. All right, you know, so. So in coming in the first couple of years, you know, like typical for me being Spanish, you know, I'm very gracious at the end of the year and, and thanking people that you know, have been, you know, helpful with me and everything. And so, what I thought I'd say, Okay, well, you know, why don't I bring these boys some wine or something? So I bought a case of wine, you know, and my first journey was up to the planning department. And as I was getting in there, right from reception, Rick battery steps out, and I go, Rick, Rick, I pulled out that was a nice bottle pulled out this wine. So Rick, listen, I just want to thank you for dealing with me and your team. You know, when I was going to share I was going to give one to Mike and share it all over the place. Right? Just want to thank you for, you know, your support and mobile answering my questions and being there like thank you i from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate it. So Rick grabs about as Tony, I'm sorry, like, your generosity is wonderful. I appreciate it. I know where it's coming from. But I cannot accept, I cannot accept, however, I will take this bottle of wine. And we will wrap it. And we will auction it off at the Christmas party because we must be politically correct. Rick, I understand that. And so there I was with nine bottles of wine left in my box and as a foil Boy, that's great, you know, so, well, I'm now going to go down to the building. And, you know, go and john was there and, you know, Darren was the frontline who would always deal with and I come in with the box and, and I had cards for everyone and come up with a box and Darren says Dan, Tony, how you doing that? So good. Darren, Listen, man, I you know, he looked at he said, Well, look at this one. I said, Yeah, listen, I know the policy. Listen, I'm going to pull one out he goes, listen, thanks very much for the box. And he just took the box to the back. And he left he didn't even take the cards. Oh, that was a classic one all the time, though the different the different sort of silos between the building the Birdman and right and then up and planning right, you know, but listen, have a great, wonderful staff here we do we, you know and coming to the end of the podcast here. Listen, I, to me your personal friend Rick, you know. And, you know, I know in politics, sometimes things are said you don't get all positiveness from everybody. It's a tough job. I wouldn't want it all. Your your skin is thick, but I know you deep inside and your heart. And I know you're a new tech guy, you know. And, you know, I want to support this community so much. And I want to let everybody know about this community so much because I love this community, right? Yes. And that's all in and I don't know if you have some last words and you want Share we've been through COVID we've been through some challenges, you're keeping everything together, but maybe you have some last words to our community and residents in New Tech. Well,

Rick Milne 33:10

first of all, thanks 20 for for allowing this to happen. This is another technology that we can feed into. And, and it was great to to be part of it. And I've listened to your other speakers and you're picking some great speakers. I think that on the positive side, I think we all got to stay. We all got to stay friendly. And you don't have to be your best friend. But be friendly with people that and you'll get it back. My children are my children, my adult children today. And this is something that their mother and I preach for them is you know, be nice to everybody. And you don't have to love everybody but police Be nice and caring, and we got to care for one another. And if we do that, we'll make this a better place to live. Thanks to him.

Antonio Leal 34:08

Yeah, wonderful. Okay over and out Episode 11 around the corner. Thank you

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