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Episode #1.......My first transcript ed podcast. My intro and COVID talk.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Antonio: (00:00)

Hello. And what's up New Tecumseth. It's Antonio Leal here, May 9th, 2020 and this is podcast episode number one. Boy, how do I begin on this one? I don't know why I'm taking this journey. I think it's, it's uh, obviously a COVID scenario being cooped up at home and some of my interests on, uh, on TV and what I've been watching and inspirations, etcetera. But what I'm hoping to do with this podcast is open it up as a platform to the community of new Tecumseh and abroad. This community has really embraced me and my family and given us such a wonderful opportunity and I just want to give back. So obviously COVID thought process on, you know, what can we do better, have a lot of time to think about it. So I'm hoping that this podcast turns into a platform that, you know, share stories, uh, within the community, inspires people to reach out and help each other.

Antonio: (01:09)

And I know there's going to be a lot of stories out there, post code, so many that are happening right now that we don't have really a clue about. But I know there's suffering out there and there's going to be more to come. And I think, uh, if we bring it all together, open up the issues that this disease is going to cause has caused and will cause, you know, we can get through it together. So that's one inspirational drive that I have. Another is, uh, my man Joe Rogan, if you've never seen his podcast, check it out. I, I started watching his podcast I'd say about six, seven months ago and I've known of Joe in his career path, you know, over the years. Obviously UFC promoter and announcer, fear factor comedian this journey. But he's got a podcast scenario with, uh, with his posse of friends and comedians that it's really tough not to get connected to this guy.

Antonio: (02:03)

So if you haven't seen him just reach out and go back to some of his episodes. You know, I just love the way he looks at life. I love the way he rationalizes the news events. What's going on. His guest list is five star and you know, he's grown such a following that you can almost dictate who he wants on the show and people are reaching out to him to be on the show. So everything from, you know, having his cocktails, uh, and his newbies and the way he approaches life. I, I dunno, I'm just so inspired by this guy. So he's just the coolest guy. So if there was a famous guy that you'd want at a barbecue D this guy, that's an inspiration. I mean, so he's got some great positive messaging and positive energy that especially during these COVID times, he'll listen to this guy.

Antonio: (02:49)

I can feel his pain for a scenario of being cooped up and the uncertainties that he sees out there and post COVID. But, uh, he's got a real that, you know, if you haven't seen it yet, try to pick up some of his shows and just really inspirational. And some of his guests are just off the charts and his intelligence aspect to the way he approaches everything is just off the charts. I just love it. And all of his posse reminds me of my gang back in Riverside park and Ottawa, we get together, we do get together once a year at a golf trip. There's about 15 to 20 of us. And uh, nothing's changed in our, in our friendship, even though we don't see each other as often or hang in social circles. But there is this connection. And so when Joe was there with his posse comedians, you see that connection?

Antonio: (03:35)

It's fun. I mean, I look at it, wow, it's fun. So, you know, those two inspirations, uh, led me to this and I just hope that, uh, this becomes a platform for just having a lot of fun and meeting new people. So it's not really a ticket for me, uh, to try to r enumerate and, and profit from it. That's not really my goal here. My goal is that I hope that I can, can put together a platform of followers that in that, in that portfolio will followers, followers, getting the message out, people in need, businesses, new ideas. So I don't know what it's gonna evolve into. And, and I hope it does evolve into something. We'll just see where it goes. So I'm going to do my best. So obviously what else is there to talk about? You know, COVID, COVID now it seems to be, uh, the only thing on everyone's minds, strange times, strange times.

Antonio: (04:33)

I wake up and I'm fortunate and I'm involved in the medical industry with our medical building portfolios connected in the partnership group to physicians and uh, I can see firsthand what's going on so we have any property issues, etcetera, and we need to get some areas of maintenance resolved, etcetera. I'm fortunate enough that I'm able to get out in a safe manner and take care of it. So, you know, I'm not like many that are simply cooped up at home. You know, the mental anguish that probably is building up. I, I at least have a little bit of release as far as being able to get out some fresh air and you know, maintain my social distance but still have something to do. So I'm fortunate in that aspect, but I don't know there's going to be a lot of carnage up there.

Antonio: (05:21)

I think about that quite a bit. I'm lucky and blessed that you know, my job that is within this medical field of, uh, of property management for many out there that, uh, worked so hard, those in business starting business, those that have had businesses for some time and those that are in that retail network, a minimum wage. I mean, I don't know. I don't know why I look at that arena and there's going to be so many changes coming down the pipeline. You know, we are an innovative people, you know, we evolve and history has proven that we, we can evolve, make the changes accordingly and survive there. No doubt about that. We will survive. But I, I do believe that this, this situation Pre COVID until we get a vaccine and I know that's around the corner, but until we get a vaccine, it's going to leave a lot of carnage up there again, there's going to be a lot of people falling through the cracks.

Antonio: (06:17)

There's going to be a lot of businesses falling through the cracks and it's going to be a devastation out there. Don't want to sound too negative. That is the reality. Many, many, many industries are not going to get through this. Not going to get through this at all. You know it's going to be the mannerisms of post-school, but even as we slowly open up what's going to be the mentality of customers and people out in the marketplace. That's what really is going to be interesting to me is how were people going to react just simply going to go into the restaurant like you used to go into the restaurant, whether it's quick lunch in a busy restaurant. I mean, I don't know why. Part of me just says I'm going to miss that so much and another part of me says I don't want to get close to that right now.

Antonio: (06:59)

You know the unknowns of this virus and again in in in an internet world and social media world, there's so much information being pummeled at us at the same time. You know what, I can, what I can grab out of that is I don't think anybody knows really. There's, nobody knows what's going to happen. So, you know, we know a second wave is coming. You know, just got news this morning on Seoul, Korea having another flare up from simply a social gathering and a bar that caused a hotspot right away and they shut down the bars. It's, uh, it's the, it's the attraction of how people's habits from previous COVIT to the new habits that are going to be formed in postcode. This is going to change the face of business restaurants, entertainment will be theaters. You know, the list just goes home. And to myself, I'm thinking, you know, it's not going to turn on, it's not going to be like this.

Antonio: (07:56)

It's not going to be a light switch opening up the markets of business in a pre COVID way. It's impossible. It's, that's, that's a fact, you know, uh, until there's a vaccine program and, and even in the vaccine aspect, again, you've got circles of anti-vaccine people out there. I'm going to S I'm going to see some conflict out there. The anti-vaccine people versus the vaccine, people with the contagion experts advising on vaccination versus non vaccination. There's going to be this conflict out there. What I've heard coming down the pipeline, at least in a tracking scenario. So what I envision it, let's say we open up slowly and if I was a business owner in the restaurant field for example, and you could be the best rock restaurant or ever, you know, it doesn't matter, it's nobody's fault. This COVID situation, you know, sideswiped everyone. So it doesn't really matter how good of an entrepreneur entrepreneur you have been were this is all new territory.

Antonio: (08:57)

So take a restaurant, take a bar, take a feeder, you know, live theater, anything that involves people coming together, you know, for services. So you know that accessing and social distancing will be in play for a certain timeframe. But what I'm hearing is happening in the Asian countries is, is tracking of those that are positive and those that are negative and they have it down to an app, you know, barcode app on your phone. Are you positive or are you negative? So if you know and, and and hearing that news and putting myself in the position of a business owner, we're all eager to get back into business and get up and running again and seeing how our attraction, we'll stick with post COVID. You open up your business and how are you going to screen at the door? Because the moment a hotspot kicks up, the news is out again of a minor spread community spread.

Antonio: (09:52)

You know that shutdown is going to take place again as an owner and I would look at the screening process and say, well if I had the opportunity to screen someone with a simple tool and you know, using an app on a phone, right, that mandated government app or a mandated government barcode that shows positive versus negative, are you infected or not? Well that would interest me if I, if I had that capability of saying, okay, those of you that are negative can come in and those of you that are positive, you can't come in that that type of tracking is happening now. I can bet you that North America has been discussing it or, or looking at that, that way of tracking our success rates and being able to monitor us one by one that scares me. Don't want to live in a world like that.

Antonio: (10:45)

It's almost the reality of how else are we going to control this? And let's say there is no vaccine comes around into play for the next year to two years. You know, how are we going to get back to any sort of normal life pre COVID? That's something that really stands out and concerns me. And again, like we're probably all thinking and wondering who's going to make it wasn't going to make it. I just have no idea. It's such an unknown for me and it's impossible to predict. So, um, you know, uh, I, I know we'll get through it quite an innovative race in history has really shown us that we'll get back and we'll adjust and evolve, but there's going to be a lot of damage, you know, God bless everybody, you know, hopefully we'll, we'll find ways to get through this. I've been seeing some clips on very, very interesting restaurants in Amsterdam and one that was a beachfront restaurant in Amsterdam that had uh, they look like mini greenhouses all on plexi or plastic or cubicle type design, uh, pitched roof lines, all clear individual seating, greenhouses lined up on the beach, you know, tables for two tables for, for a candle light, etcetera.

Antonio: (12:00)

Really don't know what construction materials up on, but just visually I could see, you know, you can see the innovation out there for entrepreneurial corporate world. You know, I don't think I'm going to see that stop in any capacity. I don't know like how the cruise ship industry is going to deal with this. For my understanding, there's like 60, 70, exact amount, but there's still cruise ships floating around the world right now that are not getting any document permission, you know, with all their guests onboard and they're just floating out at sea, just getting supplies for they can from other boats, et cetera. And some have cases of covert, others don't and they're not allowed to dock or anything till I'm certain. Some countries see the spreads shopping and are confidential allow this just embarkment a lot of these cruise ships that are floating around the world right now.

Antonio: (12:46)

No place to go. I guess they're safe points, but you know, how were they going to get back in business? It's just sort of a capsule of 2000 people floating in this steel ship, not able to get away from just sort of an incubation place for this virus to spread. You know, what's the outlook for this industry again? Vaccination, global plan to vaccinate will happen and has to happen for anything to get back to normal, you know? So what are we doing now? All of us. Well, you know, so that's my podcasting. What did I, I'm trying to keep myself, uh, intellectually amused and looking at the stock market to pretending that I think I can be an investor. Good friend of mine of West has been, uh, just recently retired as focusing a lot on value investing and Warren Buffett's model is pretty interesting.

Antonio: (13:30)

So that's been taking up a bit of my time. And, um, you know, staying healthy is something that, you know, we all have to do. We know that covert, at least in Canada is some of the numbers coming out that those that have died, you know, 79% of those deaths that occurred through covert have been, you know, in longterm nursing retirement homes. So we know that the senior population is affected by this. No doubt there. We know that people with underlying health issues are more susceptible and more vulnerable to this disease. The odds of dying are very high. So as we enter the postcode world, you know, we focus on our seniors, we focus on those that, you know, affected by underline issues, protect those the best we can. We know that they are the ones that are most vulnerable. So that's a path I see.

Antonio: (14:15)

And I think they don't taking care of ourselves better, eating better nutritious foods and building up our immune systems to be the healthiest we can be. That has really stood out for me. That's something I can change. You know, I can be overweight, you know, eat bad food, not take care of myself, not exercise. Or I can eat nutritious foods, exercise, take care of myself, build up my immune system. So I will be the best that I can be to conquer anything in a disease aspect best as possible. Yes. I've heard the stories of healthy people, young people being affected by COBIT, but I, I know, I think the news is correct. COVID has affected really those in the senior population confined to nursing homes and retirement homes and longterm care homes. Those with already existing underlying health issues. So, you know, it wasn't, if you're overweight and you know, you're overweight, maybe you have too many beers or too many glasses of wine, too many pizzas, too, too much processed food, too much sugar, you know, it's out there.

Antonio: (15:15)

The internet is very informative, you know, improve your lifestyle and strengthen your immune system, be the best that you can be. Uh, I think that's, uh, that's really something to look at and I think it's the best way to enter post-school. But, so if there's anything I can advice out there is, you know, take care of yourselves, you know, you deserve to have the time and take the time to take care of yourselves. That's something I've been doing in 2020 I feel great. That's really, really given me confidence to enter this world and knowing that I'm the best, that I can be the strongest that I can be. You know, if I do get it, you know, I'll be in the best shape I can to fight it. That's no guarantee. But I know that I've really improved the odds based on my health status at the moment.

Antonio: (15:58)

That's something that, um, I've been doing during this lock up period is, you know, watching my health. So, um, you know, um, that's really it. So COVID aspect and my first podcast here, I just wanted to focus on, on these areas. Talk a bit about COVID, you know, and what I, what I hope to do and what I hope my podcast is able to do is I just want to create a platform within the community here for everyone's forced to be heard. So I hope it turns into that. And if it doesn't it doesn't, but it's something I wanted to try and we'll see how it works at there. So listen, stay healthy out there, stay safe. We're going to get through this. Things are opening up, you know, stay confident, you know, most importantly, take care of yourself. Just take the time, take care of yourself.

Antonio: (16:42)

I think those are the first steps and moving out into post COVID. God bless you all. Okay. So I look forward to um, my second episode and um, you know, this may not sound the best, um, or have the best production material in it, but give me some time. It's a startup right now. I'm really, really excited about moving forward with more episodes, you know, meeting new people and have a lot of ideas and some topics to hit and one of them is going to be definitely medical blessed to know some wonderful, wonderful medical professionals in the community. So I'm thinking of a, of a platform of, you know, a medical podcast, uh, talking about certain areas that would be helpful to listeners in 2020. I did get into more of a fitness kick, getting healthier and building up, uh, my immune system. And I did look closely into my diet and began to macro the diet, really in tune with, uh, body fat percentages and my weight, et cetera. So, uh, I'm hoping to look into that area and have some great podcast platforms in that area and many, many other topics. So just want to have fun, just want to be a sounding board

Antonio: (17:49)

back to this community that's giving back that has given me so much. So we'll talk to you soon. Okay.

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